Life Is Strange REVIEW

Back in the winter I found out about a game called Life Is Strange and I wanted to know what it was all about so I headed over to youtube and found gameplay videos and after hours of watching Suzy Lu play the game I just knew I wanted it. Sadly at the time the game was only available on PS4. Last week it was announced that you could get the first episode for free, I was so excited when I found out it was also released for Mac. I didn’t download the first episode I already knew I wanted the game and it was on sale via Life Is Strange website.

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Brush Straightener

There is always something new out there in the technology. Most of the time it is stupid or a waist of money. One of the newest ones in the beauty department is the brush that can straighten your hair! I will admit when I first saw it I was like OH MY GOSH!!!! It wasn’t long before I noticed that the few videos out there were always people with thin and almost straight hair! So I started to think that there was no way it could work on my type of hair even tho it claims it can! My hair type is A LOT and very curly! Basically I have the hair everyone wants. I am not kidding when I say I have A LOT of hair!

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Phone Case’s

With all the different types of phone cases out there your options are endless! I recently upgraded my phone from the IPhone 5 to the IPhone 6 Plus, yes its a huge phone but after using it for a few weeks the size doesn’t even phase me and I am just in love with it! Enough of that this isn’t a review on the IPhone 6 Plus its about the cases I bought for it.

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