All In A Month

All In A Month

One month ago on April 30th 2017 I received a very upsetting phone call at 6:20am from a nurse at the hospital informing me that my mother had passed away. I knew it was coming and knew that it would be that day that I would hear she had passed. When I found out I didn’t cry or was even upset at that time all I did was said to my dad “that makes sense” now I know a very weird thing to say after hearing your mother has passed but I then told my dad that just before we got the phone call I saw my grandma with open arms smiling at my mom and her smiling back as they hugged each other.  Continue reading


Happy 80th Birthday

Anther year another age! Last Wednesday (February 10th) it was my dads 80th birthday! 80 is such a huge number and sadly not everyone makes it to this age so that definitely called for a party! The last time my dad had a party was 10 years ago for his 70th. I wanted him to have one for his 75th but sadly he had to have heart surgery the day before. So with 80 I knew I wasn’t letting this one slide by. Continue reading

Birthdays Are The Best

Another year another age luckily I’m not talking about my birthday well at least not for a few more months. Yesterday my mom and I celebrated my dad’s birthday and like always he got spoiled!
While my dad did already know about his main gift due to the fact that he picked it out and it is already set up but he sure was surprised when he opens his other 2 gifts!

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