Clean Water

Do you realize how much we take clean water for granted or how easy it is for us to get. I am all about not wasting water, I know it can be hard for somethings but what if it would take you 6 HOURS to get even a bit of water but having it not clean at all! It is a sad thing to think about I know and yet that is life for many people!

This is why I am SO happy and excited about that Stella Artois has partnered up with to help with getting clean water! Here is where things get really AMAZING! You can head on over to their website by clicking here and buy one of their chalice and help someone in India, Mexico or Philippines whatever one your choose.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 2.48.40 PM

For every chalice bought it equals to 5 years of clean water! Do you know how amazing that is! It is so simple too! I went to my local LCBO to buy them because no one can have just one! You need at least two if not more! I ended having to order them online because my local liquor store doesn’t have any.

Help me help someone who needs clean water by buying one of the Stella Artois chalice. I truly believe together we CAN change the world for the best!

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