Self Love Saturday

The weekend is here and that means a few things but another post about self love! If you haven’t had the change to read last weeks click here to catch up!

So this week was such a huge change for me! It is also what is my self love act for the week even though it will last WAY longer.

Last Monday I started swimming again! I grew up swimming and before any of my leg surgeries I was swimming 3km in under 2 hours. When I tried swimming after my first leg surgery it didn’t go very well for me at all and then lots and LOTS of things happened that made it so I honestly couldn’t swim.

This time things are completely different! I was able to reach my goal after only a few days! My goal was to be able to swim 1km in a week and well I was able to do it by the 4th day! Okay so maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot to you but for me it is a huge thing!

I absolutely LOVE swimming plus it is SO good for you! I just love that it is just me and my mind. I get to spend the time just thinking about what I want and how to get it. I also find that when I think of something that makes me mad or upset I just swim harder to fight it. I won’t lie I have cried after a swim not because it was hard or anything but because something would happen and I want to tell my mom but can’t. If you don’t know why I can’t tell my mom I would suggest you read my post Remembering My Mother.

So with all of that I am so happy to be back in the pool and that I have more plans for my health that I have already started and will be starting more once I get the okay from my surgeon.

What was your act of self love this past week? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to come back every Saturday for a new weekly Self Love post! Also for those who do not know I post every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Plus soon I will have an exciting announcement!

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  1. Dear Olesya: That is absolutely amazing!! (The surgeons must have done a great job on your leg….haha!) Swimming is the best exercise. It will serve you well for a lifetime. At age 80 all that is left to me is the swimming pool. I can do so many exercises in the water that are no longer available to me on land. Keep up the good work on a regular basis. – Cousin Norma


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