Hubble Contacts

There are so many brands of contacts out there and to be honest I have tried SO many of them! I am sure many of you have heard about Hubble contacts, they offer getting a “sample” box for free so I thought why not? I do want to say I have never ordered contacts online before and I have A LOT of issues with contacts so I was a bit worried about getting them.

First off these are daily contacts so that made me happy! I normally wear monthly but because I am allergic to contact solution monthly’s are not easy for me and the fact that I don’t wear contacts all the time unless I am swimming or needing to wear sunglasses or even if I am doing something that could break my glasses! So with that I was also excited to try dailies!

I was actually very surprised at how fast I received my free box! You get 15 days worth but just a heads up that when you sign up for your free box you do have to add your payment information because you get sent your contacts after your free box, when you sign up you can choose how often you want your contacts sent to you from every 14, 28, 42 or 56 days. This is great if you’re like me and don’t wear contacts all the time. Also you can cancel your subscription at anytime by calling and you can change your prescription simply by calling or emailing them.

Okay so now that you know the rundown of the company I know what you’re thinking this is all great and all but how do the contacts feel? I am glad you asked! These contacts are SO soft and honestly I can’t feel them! Other contacts I have tried I can ALWAYS feel at least one but Hubble contacts no way! It does help that I never have to worry about making sure I have solution and the case. I normally struggle SO much trying to put in my contacts even if they have never been worn but with these nope no issues at all!

So with all of this being said I do recommend signing up for theses AMAZING contacts!!!

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