DIY Hight Board

Growing up my mother would always measure my height and there would always be a huge difference but I did have A LOT of growth spurts! The sad thing though was when my parents sold the house my height chart had to be painted over and this made me very sad because I loved looking back and seeing how much I have changed over the years! I just wish that I had a height chart that was portable.

Coming up to 2 years ago 2 of my cousins had a joint baby shower. Now I do love a good baby shower but they can be overwhelming very fast with the amount of toys, clothes and diapers being giving. I wanted to give a gift that was going to last forever and something that wasn’t the typical gift. I wanted my gift to stand out and let me just say they  did!


I decided that I was going to make 2 portable height charts for them this way they could take them to a new house if they choose to move and their children can always have it to look back at! I knew that I could buy these online but I am a crafty person and I knew I could make one myself and have it geared towards each of my cousins!

This is one of the best gifts to make and it really doesn’t cost a lot to make. Since I have made these I have had to make a few more for family and friends whom wanted one! Plus my best friend had requested one for when her and her husband are ready to start a family.

What You Will Need

  • 6 foot wood board 1 inch thick
  • paint
  • stencils
  • sandpaper
  • paint pens
  • hanger hook
  • measuring tape
  • pencil

I ended up buying my wooden boards with the knots in them still because one I was going to paint over it anyway and two because it was about $9 less than if I bought the wood without the knots. I went to my local hardware store to buy the wood, sandpaper, paint and the hanger hook.



I picked up the stencils and the paint pens from Michael’s these are going to be most money you spend lucky for me they just all happened to be on sale!

The first thing you will want to do it gently sand down the wooden boards and make sure to get the edges! I also rounded out the corners just because there are going to be kids near them and I don’t need them to get hurt!

Make sure you brush off all the dust before you start painting! I painted 2 coats on the wood and don’t forget to paint the sides! I didn’t do the back of the board because it would be against the wall. Make sure to let the paint dry between coats! I waited about 12 hours just to be extra safe!





Now comes time where it gets “hard”. I suggest using a pencil at this point to make all of the markings, you want to take your measuring tape and mark off every inch, I did every half inch in the end it just looked better. This is where it is all up to you on how you want it to look! Remember you don’t have to paint the wood you can just stain it.

Once all the markings were on and I knew how I wanted it to be set up I then went in with a ruler and one of the paint pens to do the final markings. Make sure to be careful of smudges because it will happen! Once it was dry (10 minutes) I then went with the number stencils and again with the paint pen did the outline before colouring in it. At this point I waited a good hour before going onto the next step just because I wanted to make sure it was dry.

I then spent some times to think about where I wanted each stencil. I ended up going with the bottom only because there wasn’t a lot of room. The owl actually couldn’t fit on the board so I just did half. If you want to add a name or something like that then choose a wider board.



I still get told about how much people loves theses! Honestly I think they are GREAT gifts and if you have the time I suggest making one! It is really a gift that will always be remembered! I still remember the reaction my cousins had!

If you make one of theses be sure to tag me on social media so I can see! I will say there are a few things I will do different in the future but I still love how they look!

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