Self Love Saturday

Okay so from the title hopefully you have an idea of what this post is all about! This is going to be a weekly post that you can read every Saturday and I do encourage all y’all to do this with me! Okay so what exactly is self love? Basically it is when you do something for you and only you! So what I plan on doing is sharing weekly at least one thing I have done for me, myself and I! I do want you to join me by doing this because we all need to make sure to do something to better us that we do for ourselves! I hope you understand what I mean!

So this past week I bought myself a new hair product and no that isn’t my self love for the week BUT it has made my hair not only feel AMAZING but for once I TRULY loved my natural hair! Some maybe thinking how is that self love well…. I almost never love my hair let alone like it and the few times I have I end up being hard on myself and telling myself that I shouldn’t like my hair because it isn’t the length I want it to be but you know what NO MORE! So with that being said when I realized how much I love the product and what it has done to my hair when I started to think I can’t like my hair I decided to stop because I honestly felt so good! So now when my hair looks good I am going to let myself feel good! So with all that being said that was this weeks self love!


It also helped that everyone I saw that day commented on my hair so I took it all in and enjoyed the feeling!

Let me know if you had a self love moment this past week? Don’t forget this is going to be a weekly post so make sure to come back and let me know your weekly self love and together we can support each other and start to accept ourselves for how we are and build each other up! Remember it doesn’t matter what your self love moment is big or small if it was something you did for yourself good for you!

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