Explore Adventure Box – Spring 2018

Okay so this is a different post from what I normally write about but for those who don’t know I LOVE to go on adventures even just for a few hours, a day, weeks or what would be nice months, but when I say adventures I mean grab my canoe and paddle out into the water and just go for a hike! Now I haven never been able to do one for longer than a few hours but I am hoping to go for longer this summer but, we all know that even to go on a normal hike you need the right equipment and well my friends that is what todays post is all about!

I have been slowly collecting things like some knives, my bow and arrows, bottles and more but sometimes I just don’t know what to buy or where I would use it or the biggest is I may not know how to use the products so I will be scared away from it. We all love monthly subscriptions boxes and I sure have tried many over the years and this one is a new one that I just started back before Christmas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

There are a lot of reasons why I love this box but the biggest one would be that with each box (seasonal) you get challenges to do with the gear that you get in the box! I don’t know  about you but I just love that! The main reason why I think all y’all should sign up is because this amazing box gets you outside and EXPLORE! Nothing is better than that!



Like I said I have had one box already and I was very impressed with what was included! So when I got the email that my box was shipped I was VERY excited but I NEVER expected to be as excited for what came in the box! So lets just dig into the box!


Aside from everything you get in the box you also get a subscription to Explore Canada Magazine!



Honestly I never know where to start! There are just so many exciting things! So I thought why not start with the smallest items! So not only do you get 2 VEGAN protein powders for a shake but you also get 2 VEGAN granola bars! Okay so I know what you are thinking why did I write vegan in caps??? Well because first off MANY MANY MANY people are vegan, I myself am not BUT I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy and the shakes I do have I make sure are vegan just because it is easier on me in the end! So when I saw that these are vegan I was so happy! Plus I am always looking for more vegan friendly things!



The next item I grabbed I was happy about just because I am ALWAYS in need of a small towel that can do a big job and the fact this one comes with a carabiner makes it even better!


So it was hard not to see this because it is so big and when I clued in at what it is I was VERY VERY VERY excited because I have wanted to buy one and was planning on buying one for my road trip in the spring so now I don’t have to! I didn’t go and set it up because right now I just can’t get to the trees to set up this hammock due to my surgery I had but once I can trust me it will be going up so I can hang out! Get it?


The next item is always a great one to have with you! You can never go wrong with candles and this one is in a great tin you can reuse after!


I find this pillow is something I didn’t even know I wanted or needed but here we are. I love how small it can get and the fact it comes with a bag makes it better! Also it is super easy to set up you just turn a knob and air fills it but I did have to add in more air for the picture! Plus to remove the air you just turn the knob and start rolling the pillow up so it can fit in the bag.


Okay so this little thing I thought was cool until I realized what all is in it and now I think it is AMAZING!!!!! This little guy can honestly save your life if you ever need it! I want to buy many more to give to all my fellow adventure friends! It has a carabiner, paracord, foil warm sheet, knife, flint, cotton tinder, and fishing gear! Can you believe all that is in this? I know you can’t tell but this is really small so it is crazy how much is inside! Hopefully I never have to use it but I also want to see it all…


Alright so I have saved my favourite last! I am always looking for new knives of all sizes and kinds so when I saw this I was so happy plus it is a good heavy duty one! It can also attach to my belt! I just love this and I know it could sure come in handy!


Oh one last thing that I almost didn’t see is a sticker! I will be putting this onto my SUV with my other stickers that I am collecting! Side note my SUV is going to be going on some amazing adventures this summer so it only seems right to put the sticker on it!


Isn’t all this amazing??? Over $150 in value that cost me $97 and the nice thing is if you can’t or don’t want to pay the full price right away you can divide it into monthly payments! SO there is no reason not to subscribe! If you are interested in getting this wicked box then click here to sign up! I can’t wait to get out there to start using all of these and I will most likely be having the vegan protein tomorrow!

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