31 Days

This post has taken me 31 days to write! Why? Well, because I answered a question everyday for a month! I encourage you to do the same! You never what you might learn about yourself! Post some of your answers in the comments below so I can learn a bit about you! Side note I found all of these questions online!

What are you most looking forward to? My road trip to Newfoundland with my dad and my 30th Birthday Party!!!

Three goals for this month. Just getting back on my feet really!

Describe your day in 10 words. Cleaning, busy, shopping, funny, full, clean, loving, tea, sunny, creative

Something that you’re looking forward to. Again my road trip and my party

A time you don’t want to forget. All the good times with my parents and my best friends wedding

A trip you want to take this year. My road trip to Newfoundland

Your top three priorities. My dad, friends and my dog

A list of the places you have visited. Oh gosh okay so Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Ontario (clearly I live here), Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Russia (born there)

Do your actions match your words? Most of the time yes

One thing you learned about yourself last year. That when everything is falling apart in my life and I am going through the WORST heartbreak I can still stand tall and be in charge!

A challenge you have overcome. Learning to rethink how I feel about myself

A need your can meet. I actually don’t believe in this… I believe that anything I “need” to meet I can and will!

A place you have been recently. The hospital? Last place I went for a trip was Arizona almost 2 years ago!

Someone who made you proud. My dog makes me proud but my best friend makes me very proud a lot

A good idea. I think the best idea I have ever had was speaking at my mothers funeral, I didn’t think I would be able to do it or even get through the speech without falling to tears but I was able to say it and then at the very end I cried bad but that is also because I made eye contact with my dad who was crying!

What are your personal gifts? I have A LOT of love to give and I have been told I am good at helping someone when they are down

A quote that inspires you. One my grandma used to say “Ain’t Life Grand” she was a VERY wise women and I always strive to be like her in how she handled things, I think I have my mom would tell me a lot how I was like my grandma

A mistake that helped you grow. All mistakes help you grow if not right away in time they will

When you feel most rested. At the water just relaxing or in a field just taking in the surroundings

Words you want to share with others. Do what you love and love what you do. This is something I have been saying for a while now and I make sure I live by it!

Music that makes you feel adventurous. Most music does

Three words that describe your style. Free, Relaxed, Myself

The last fiction book you’ve read. Beauty and The Beast

A project you have been putting off. Many actually but only because of my surgery I had to get

The thing that frightens you. My dad passing, never getting married or having kids

A person you would like to meet. Oh SOOO many but Melissa McCarthy

A change to make. My bedroom and office!

Thoughts about todays events. HAPPY

One thing you will always do. I will always have animals in my life and always fight for what I want!

Something new to try. Doing things that scare me and well I have already started!

Your favourite part of the past month. Getting all the good news from my surgery!

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  1. Hi Olesya: Lorne and I took a road trip to Newfoundland in 2011 and really loved it. We went by ferry one way and returned the long way, sleeping overnight in a bedroom. It’s expensive, but the memories are worth it. Happy planning! – Norma

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