Ancestry DNA

We have all seen the videos all over online and even on tv and DNA kits. If you’re like me you have even watched people see their results. I honestly think this is a very interesting thing that can be done but I also don’t understand why some people do it, I find if you can ask about your family history then why spend the money? Please don’t take that as me being rude! I know my parents family history but here is the twist for those of you who don’t know I actually am not blood related to my family.

I was adopted from Russia and that is all I know about my blood line. I don’t believe blood makes you family! With that being said I have always wondered what is in my bloodline. I actually think that there is Greek in my bloodline, I say that because 1- I have physical traits of Greeks and also because I have had a lot of people say I look Greek! This is where my mom would say that I can also imitate the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I did love doing that mainly because it would make my mom laugh so hard…


Just a heads up this is going to be a 2 part post as this take a few weeks to get my results and I plan on maybe filming what I learn! We will see!

After wanting to do this for a few years now my dad surprised me at Christmas with the DNA kit.

Now I did just do this the other day only because I have been busy getting ready for surgery and also because every time I remember to take the test I remember that I ate or drank something recently. You have to not eat or drink for a half hour before hand.

Okay so let’s get into this kit… I love that it is very small and that there isn’t a lot of waisted packaging! Everything is super simple and easy to understand! Plus it is all sanitary!


Okay so this is super simple you spit into the tube, shake it up to mix with the blue solution and well mail it off… okay so there is a bit more to it then that but you get the idea!


Before you mail it off, you have to go online and register your kit as you get an email when your results are ready to read via online.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 7.04.13 PM

Now it is time to wait 6-8 weeks to find out what is in my bloodline!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 7.06.10 PM

I did make a joke to my dad saying what if there actually isn’t any Russian in my blood…. honestly that wouldn’t make a difference to me because even though I was born there and yes Russia is a big part of who I am, I am WAY more Canadian then Russian! Does that even make sense? Really it doesn’t matter where I come from because I know who I am and no matter what parts of the world are in my blood it won’t change me, really it will just help me know where I come from.


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