Microblade Eyebrows

Over the past year and a bit I have been going back and forth about actually getting my eyebrows microbladed. For those who do not know what that is well it is a semipermanent “tattoo” eyebrow. The eyebrows do not look fake at all well if the person knows what they are doing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you know that they have taken training plus you should look at their past work to see if you do like the look!

Before I get into the steps and how I really feel about it all I do want to give a short history about my eyebrows. Like A LOT of other women I have had such a hard time with them and only a few times have I actually liked them and normally that would only be right after getting them waxed! I used to have nice eyebrows but WAY back in the day I did the stupid thing and put hair removal cream around them and well lets just say I lost my eyebrows! I was SO embarrassed I actually didn’t want to go ANYWHERE I was convinced EVERYONE was looking at the lack of eyebrows and maybe they were but we all know that feeling when we think people are looking at our flaws. Even in high school and up until I was about 27/28 I have just struggled SO much! A few years ago I FINALLY learned how to draw in my eyebrows and I would feel so much better! I did have full eyebrows just had bald spots and also my hair is very light so I really only drew them in to fill in and to make them more noticeable!

So I had to dig way deep into my Fabebook to try to find some pictures of my eyebrows over the years and well I have learned something about myself…. 1, SO MANY HAIR STYLES! B, my eyebrows sure looked awful and Last almost all my pictures I don’t have my eyebrows visible! So with all that it was not easy to find some pictures of what they used to look like!






Alight so now that you have seen a few pictures of my old eyebrows lets just forget about them! If you have never had your eyebrows microbladed then you would know that you have no idea what to expect! When I was on my way my anxiety was VERY high! I started to seconded guess myself but just to say this is a very normal thing for me to think when I don’t know what is going to happen.

The woman started by asking me some questions about what I want them to look like and she then drew on my face on the length and shape. It is hard to tell what they were going to look like but I thought they would look a lot better than what I had! She then added numbing cream to my eyebrows and left it for about 20-30 minutes!


Once she started my eyes started to water SO bad and I felt like I had to sneeze! I couldn’t get over the feeling! It hurt but not so much it was really the sound that made it the worst! It sounded like nails on sandpaper! Couldn’t stand the sound at all! After she finished the one she also plucked my eyebrows and honestly I find that WAY more painful! She then added more ink onto my eyebrow and let it sit while going onto the next and the same thing all over again! Okay so side note I was asked what colour I wanted them and because my natural hair colour is a very light brown I knew I wanted them darker but I was afraid to go dark brown in fear it would look more black so she mixed a bit of dark brown with more light brown.


I was told that the next day my eyebrows would look a lot darker. Also that they would scab in a few days and then start to flake off. If you have ever had a tattoo then you will know this is 100% normal! The hardest part is you can’t touch your eyebrows or pick at the flakes….. so for a few days my eyebrows were gross! Not to mention I couldn’t move my eyebrows for a few days because they were swollen or something I don’t know but it felt like I had botox or something because I couldn’t make any expressions with them! Also the very cold air hurt them A LOT.


I went back a month later for a touch up and I do want to say at that point I wasn’t happy with them at all! I found I had to still draw them on a bit and they just were too light for my liking. I told the woman all of this so this time she went just dark brown! I really like my eyebrows to make a statement! The process was all the same… watery eyes, feeling like I had to sneeze! I looked like I was high or something because my eyes were bloodshot!



The healing process this time was A LOT faster for some reason! Now that it has been a month since getting the touch up (everyone has to go for a touch up) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my eyebrows! I NEVER have to do anything to them well just use the tweezers. I guess you can say my eyebrows are always on fleek! Do people still say that?


In about a year to three I will have to go back again to get it all over again. It really all depends on how well they last. I really do want to go back and get them again but to be honest it is a lot of money so I have to see if it is worth the money. So far yes yes it is! There is just more to it then that but that is just me.

Have you gotten yours done or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments! I am for the first time honestly in love with my eyebrows! If you are interested in looking at her work Facebook page click here. If you do go to her be sure to let her know that you found out from me and this blog! Honestly she is such a nice women! She really makes you feel VERY comfortable!

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