Well it is a new year and with that being said a new start! Actually I believe each day is a new start! You may have noticed that I have been away since before Christmas. Sadly I didn’t finish my 12 Days of Christmas and I do wish I could have finished but to be honest my anxiety was just the worst! This was my first Christmas without my mom so instead of stressing out trying to make sure I had a post all good and ready to go I ended up just trying to enjoy my Christmas and New Years. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!


Now I am going to try to keep posting once a week but I can tell you that this year has A LOT in store for me and lets just hope it is better than last year! On Thursday I am having  MAJOR surgery. I have had this before so I do know what is in store for me. If you want to know more about  my surgery then you can read about my last one Month One Post Op to get up to date. I will be writing posts about my recovery.

Not only am I having that surgery but I do have to get another one this year thankfully the recovery isn’t very long for that one! I will talk about what that one is for closer to the date, I just don’t want to share that information at the moment.

So aside from having to have 2 surgeries this year there are also a few BIG things that are going to happen. Darwin turns 1 next month! That is exciting also sadly at the end of April will be 1 year since my mom passed away. In the beginning of April my dad and I are going to see Johnny Reid in concert in Toronto. This will be our 2nd time going to see him and this year I got floor seats! I am SO excited for that concert!


Now a big thing that is happening to me this year is well I turn 30 in the summer! Okay so for some of you reading this you’re most likely thinking “oh to be 30 again” and for others you’re probably thinking how old 30 is haha well most of you I know are around my age. The last 2 years I haven’t been able to celebrate my birthdays the way I would want and well this year I want to do something big! I actually would love to go skydiving but all my friends are too scared to go! I honestly think I am okay with that just because then it would mean I HAVE to go! Maybe in a few years I will go. Well I am actually planning a road trip with my dad! We are thinking of going to the east coast or the west coast but we have also talked about going to both! It is still in the works right now and it is also hard to plan just because we don’t know when my other surgery is.

Okay so really that is all I have planned for this year but if last year taught me anything it is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I just want this year to be about self growth. I want to try to let go of some of my past and accept what is to come. Plus just throwing this out there I wouldn’t mind getting into a relationship, it has been a while, but I don’t want to force anything. Really I just hope to grow mentally and help my soul. That may sound weird for some of you and that’s okay but if you know what I am talking about then you will know that I am really looking to go on a spiritual journey! Side note I just got my new glasses!


Not only do I want to grow but I do also want this blog to grow! I would love more people  hear what I have to say but I also want to say that I am always surprised and grateful for each view and every follower! It just amazes me that you actually take the time to read my posts!

So with that all being said I do hope each and every one of you has a GREAT year and that your wishes and dreams come true! Did you make any resolutions for the year? Let me know down below! I didn’t really make any this year but I normally don’t anyway.  Are you excited for anything this year or have any plans? Do share I would love to read what you have planned for the year!

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