DIY Wreaths

Welcome to day 6/7 of 12 Days of Christmas. Okay so you may have noticed I didn’t post anything yesterday and well to be completely honest I thought I had this post all typed up and scheduled and well I didn’t have either! I didn’t even notice until about 1am when I went to do some work. I am sorry that I didn’t post yesterday so here is what I need to know from you do you want me to post what todays was going to be along with another day or just skip it and save it?

I did this post last year also and I loved it you can check it out here. This year I am only making 2 because well I am running out of places to hang all of the wreaths I have made!

Tree Branch Wreath

This one is super easy to make! All you need is a tree branch, string and some things to hang off of it.


All I did to make this is tie the string around each end and then hung the ornaments off of it. I also added the letter D because well that is the first letter of my last name. This wreath is on my front door and let me just say I really like it!


Ribbon Wreath

Okay if you thought the last one was easy well so is this one!

You will need ribbon, yarn, string, mini trees, cardboard.


The first thing I did was cut a donut out of cardboard and wrapped in all with the ribbon.


I then added the yarn and glued the trees in place. I also added extra cardboard on the back to help keep the trees in place.


I told you these were super easy and they are great for kids to make too! If you make one be sure to tag me or use the hashtag #olesyamarie so I can see all of your pretty wreaths!

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