Fake “Fireplace”

Welcome to day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas! I sure hope you are enjoying the daily posts leading up to Christmas! Are you all ready for Christmas? I know I am not! Almost just have a few people left to buy for! Have you had any Christmas dinners yet? Tonight is my  2nd one! It is also the one I am always the most excited for and a long family tradition.


Another family tradition and I am sure yours too is the fireplace for hanging your stockings or for decorating. The house I grew up in had the BEST fireplace ever! I miss it a lot! The house I live in sadly doesn’t have a fireplace and come on its not a cozy Christmas without one! I decided that this was not okay with me and that I needed a fireplace or at least the cozy feelings it gives!


This is an easy “DIY” All I did was find a big mirror but one that was able to stand on its own on the floor. I actually ended up finding 3 different kinds and sizes and my favourite one looks like a fireplace but sadly it is too big for where it was to go. Okay so like I said this is a very easy thing to do!

All I did was add LED candles all over to give it the fireplace vibe and because it reflects in the mirror it’s really helps with all the feelings. I also added some of lanterns to help with the look.


It was still missing something so I ended up adding battery operated lights that are cute snowflakes! Honestly when its nighttime and the tree is on and this “fireplace” is all lit up plus my banister I honestly get all the cozy feelings but it does make me miss my mom just because she would have loved this idea!



If you make a fake fireplace I would love to see how you did yours or even if you have a fireplace let me see the pictures! I honestly love love love fireplaces!

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