Christmas Tree

It is finally here and I am not just talking about my Christmas tree, I am talking about 12 Days of Christmas! Honestly I am SO excited for you to see and read all the posts I have planned until Christmas!

Today is day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas! So lets start it off with my tree! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you will get an email when I have a new post!

Getting the tree is a tradition for my dad and I, we would go and brave the cold and pick a tree to cut down then bring it inside. This year I suggested that we get one pre cut just to make it a bit easier on us. We went to a local garden centre that wasn’t far from the house.




What I really like about this garden centre is that all the trees were in a stand so you can see what it will look like in your home. Plus I loved looking at all the trees!







After spending a good half hour just looking at all the trees I was able to narrow it down to 3. This was the hardest part because there were things about each tree that I liked. Sadly I could only pick one so I ended up going with the one tree I was going back to all the time.


Now all that I had to do was get one of the workers to come and help, this is where I was very happy because not only do they carry the tree themselves but they shake the tree and bag it. What happened next REALLY surprised me! The worker put the tree up on my car and even tied it down for me! Honestly it was SO helpful and really nice!



This is the part that I am always worried about having to drive home with the tree on the roof of my car, this year I was extra worried because I wasn’t the one that tied down the tree!

Now like every parent out there I had to get pictures of Darwin by the tree! There will be more in a future post where you can see lots more! This is also the time that my mom would say “this is the best tree we have had” sadly because she passed away over 7 months ago my dad and I didn’t get to hear her say it but I said it for her.



After letting the tree settle for the night I was able to decorate it! This being the first Christmas without my mom many things have to change. Normally when it was time to decorate the tree my mom and I would put on our favourite Christmas record (Emmylou Harris) and start decorating the tree and the rest of the house. The past few years it has just been me doing it but my mom was always still there with me as we would listen to the record.

This year I decide to put on my favourite Christmas movie (The Santa Clause) and start decorating not only the tree but part of the house. I will say that I did get upset while doing it just missing my mom and as I would put each ornament on the tree I would remember my mom telling me what the meaning behind each one was. It was like she was beside me.



Some of the ornaments really mean a lot to my family. There was always a rule of what the first few were that would go on the tree. This year I also added a new one on the tree in memory of my mom.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what day 2 is! Lets just say they smell good!

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  1. Dear Olesya: You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas trees at the garden centre, especially the one you chose. What an amazing daughter you are to continue the traditions your dear Mother started. Signed with a tear in my eye, Cousin Norma Brown.


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