Fall Review

It really feels weird to be talking about fall when I have already posted 2 Christmas posts! If you love advent calendars or at least like them check out both my posts Advent Calendars and DIY Advent Calendars.

Back in September I wrote Fall Bucket List and well like I said in that posts I would write a review letting everyone know how I did with my bucket list. Okay so sadly I didn’t get to do a lot at all because my dad had to have heart surgery and I spent most of the fall  in the hospital and taking care of my dad.

Pumpkin Spice Anything √

The easiest thing to cross off my bucket list was have something pumpkin spice! I did this a lot! I would get a muffin from Starbucks that was AMAZING! Buy a latte from McDonald’s that I am now obsessed with. Plus I even had pumpkin soup that was like heaven!

Farmers Market / Fall Fair √

So what I did go to wasn’t exactly a farmers market, it is more of a cross between a market and a fair I guess. It was small but really interesting! There was LOTS of food to buy from local farmers, beautiful crafts and artwork from the local artists and even a few pets! Like I said it is like a cross between the two! Also this is where I had the pumpkin soup that was just heaven!

Hocus Pocus √

For some very weird reason I only watched this movie a few times! Normally I watch it A LOT! Funny thing is the first time I played it this fall was in my car!


Best Friends Wedding √

This one was honestly a given! I still remember the day like it just happened! It was such a beautiful wedding and my friend looked even more amazing than anyone could ever look! She was just stunning!!! I also cried A LOT! I don’t know how I still had makeup on by the end of the night but I did.

Redo A Posts ½√

Okay so I am only giving this a half complete because it is still technically fall but the post won’t be going up until next week! So even though I have finished making it, I still have to write it up! Make sure you come back next week to see what I did!

Scary Movies √

I spent more than one day watching scary movies! I must say my favourite that I watched was the remake of It. If you haven’t seen the movie go watch it! I loved it and even got scared a few times! I did watch it on Halloween and was jumpy when I had to take Darwin (my dog) outside to go to the bathroom at 1am!

Cozy Sweater √

I do love a good big comfy sweater! I bought a real nice one that I have been living in! I kid not it is just so cozy it is like being wrapped in a big blanket by the fire! Sadly I have no idea where it is now! I think I left it at someones house?

Sunrise / Sunset √

I never did watch the sunrise but I did get to see LOTS of sunsets and I rather see those anyway! Darwin and I would go to the lake and just sit by the water and have some quite time as we would watch the sunset. It was something that I needed to do and I think we all need to take at least 10 minutes out of each day to go somewhere that is away from our phones and computers and just our lives to just sit and look at something that is very calming and just reflect and check in with yourself.

Even though I didn’t get to do everything on my list it is okay because the few things that I did get to do were good ones! I at least think so. What was something you have done this fall that you really enjoyed? Let me know in the comments below!

Just a quick side note there is an exciting post tomorrow that has a very exciting announcement! You will want to come back to read it!

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