DIY Advent Calendars

It’s that time of the year again! Time to countdown to Christmas! Last year I did this same post so make sure you check it out here. Well guess what I am back at it this year! This time I have some new ones for you on top of sharing the ones I bought! If you would like to check out the advent calendars I bought then click here.

Okay lets just get right into it because this is going to be a  fun one!

Dog Advent Calendar


Alright so last year I made one for my cats and because I have Darwin (Meet Darwin) this year I thought I would make one for him, not only that but when I have been in the shops you can buy one for your dog but they cost anywhere from $25 to $50! I am sorry but that is just crazy! I knew I could make one that is not only better but WAY cheaper! I know we all want to save some money around this time of the year!

This is a VERY easy project to do and it would be A LOT of fun to do with the family! Plus I can assure you that your dog will love it! I know Darwin was sneaking some treats when I was making it!

What You Will Need

  • dog treats or toys
  • fabric
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine or glue
  • ruler



So the first step is to choose what you would like the object to be… I made mine as a Christmas tree but a bone shape would be cute too! If you would like to do a Christmas tree like I have then you’re in luck I have done all the measurements for you!

*make sure you plan out the size before any cutting*


Now you can either glue or sew all the pieces together I tried to sew mine but I spent about an hour fighting with my sewing machine so I just used my glue gun!


I added burlap on the back to help give it some support.


After all the fabric was glued together I went and cut the slits for the treats and went with pins to mark where each pocket would be before gluing them.


Now all that is left is to add in your treats for the days! As you can see I bought some festive dog treats because why not! Also as you can see for Christmas Day Darwin will get an extra special dog treat! Just a note this didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping for but thats okay because I know Darwin won’t care, he just wants the treats!


Be sure to follow Darwin on Instagram here to see how excited he gets when its time for his treats!

Clock Countdown


Who says advent calendars have to involve treats. This one is not only very easy to make and again easy on the wallet but it is so pleasing to look at! I like to think the queen would have something like this in her place but WAY MORE expensive!

What You Need

  • wood
  • clock arm
  • stencils
  • paint
  • wood stain (optional)
  • scissors
  • paint pens (optional)
  • Foam (optional)
  • glue gun



I went to my local hardware store to buy the wood and instead of buying a large piece of lumber I was able to get the scrap pieces that were the right size for only $1 each! All I had to do was cut them to make them all even. If you want you can paint the wood or use stain! Either way be sure the wood is dry before you keep going!

Alright now that everything is all dry you need to add the wood together you can do this by gluing them together to using attachments on the back.

I cut out all my numbers from glitter foam. This took VERY long to do because first I had to trace the stencil but I also had to flip the stencil. I had many options on how to do the numbers but this was actually the one I liked best! Also I didn’t add Christmas onto it because I just couldn’t get it to fit right.

*make sure you like the layout before making it permanent*


If you want you can add a picture hook on the back to be able to hang up. I really am happy with how it turned out!



Picture A Day


Okay to be 100% honest this is my favourite! This is a twist on the traditional countdown! Instead of getting something new each day you take a picture each day to hang up! I just love this because you can see what has happened throughout December well at least 25 days of it.

What You Need

  • postal board or wood board
  • clothes peg or nails
  • cardstock
  • pipe
  • pipe ends (optional)
  • chain
  • pipe clamps
  • ruler
  • markers and pens
  • wrapping paper (optional)
  • pencil
  • instant camera (optional)
  • printer
  • HP Sprocket (optional)



I went to my local hardware store and was able to buy my wood board there for $5 plus it was the right size that I wanted. I also picked up my copper pipe, pipe ends and the pipe clamps there all for under $10. I needed my pipe cut down and sadly I don’t have the proper tool to do that so I ended up getting my cousin to do it for me but if you can’t cut yours don’t worry it really doesn’t matter.

You can stain or pain your wood if you want or if you are using postal board don’t worry about it. If you want to save extra time and money you can just use wrapping paper!

Now comes the math part! You want to space out each spot for a picture to be even also make sure you choose to either print your pictures or use an insta camera well that is if you want it to all look even and the same if not then don’t worry! This is your style so make it yours unless you do like how I did mine!



For the card stock I have the paper all perfect squares of 4×4.

I know this may seem like it is in a weird order but you need to have your cardstock the right size before the really hard part of  math! It really isn’t that hard. I have it set up to have 5 by 5 for the pictures this just made it flow nice, keeping the square look and helped with the measurements!

I marked on my board with a pencil where each nail must go. I set it all up with the squares and some pictures I have from before to make sure it looks good. As you can see my cat Jackson likes to help me with crafts!


* If you loop the chain around the pipe make sure you do it BEFORE attaching the pipe to the board *


Now all that is left is to take a picture of each day! Also find a place where you want to hang it up! If you want to see what mine looks like by Christmas be sure to follow me on Instagram by clicking here because Christmas Day or Boxing Day I will be posting a picture of the final look!

I have spent a lot of time making all of theses and planning it all! Please if you make any or all of them PLEASE be sure to share your pictures and tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #ChristmasWithOlesya I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see all of yours!!!!

Keep up to date on my blog by subscribing via email (right sidebar) and never miss a post! Also leave any comments or questions below and any ideas of some posts you would like to see in the future! Don’t forget you can follow me on social media!


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