November Bark Box

Can you believe that November is almost over already? I don’t know about you but I’m VERY excited for December and for Christmas! If you didn’t see I posted yesterday my advent calendars that I have bought and tomorrow will be another exciting post! It’s just a week full of posts! Anyway let’s get into today’s post.

Every time I post Darwin’s monthly bark box it sure gets a lot of views and seeing how all y’all seem to enjoy it I thought I would keep posting them each month.  If you want to see October’s bark box click here.

Before I even opened this months box I knew it would be a thanksgiving theme, because it is an American company. For those who aren’t from Canada we celebrate thanksgiving in October not November. Either way I was super excited when I first opened the box!




Normally you only get 2 toys with your subscription but I pay for an extra toy because why not! I honestly don’t even want to give Darwin the toys this month only because they are just SO cute!!! Don’t worry I still will give them to him!


I just love love love this little guy and I sure do like his style!


Honestly this toy just feels so durable! They all do but this one just has that extra feel to it if you know what I am saying.


Alright time for the treats! I don’t know if Darwin gets more excited for the toys or the treats!


Darwin absolutely LOVES trachea’s! They never last long either!


These treats actually smell good! Plus look how adorable the packaging is!



I have said this before and I will say it again I REALLY love the paper everything is in! I keep them because they are just amazing to look at plus they really are amazing quality!



I can’t wait to see what comes in December’s box! I think it is safe to say it will be related to Christmas and the holidays!

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