Advent Calendars

Time to start counting down until Christmas!!!! I am SO excited! Last year I wrote up a post called 5 DIY Advent Calendars you should check it out! I have another DIY Advent Calendar post that will be up tomorrow, it was supposed to go up today with this one but I had some issues with one of them and I refused to post it because it really didn’t turn right at all so I have to redo it! Come back tomorrow to find out what they all look like!

Okay so this year not only do I have my advent calendars that I have made but I also have bought a few and by a few I mean 6…. So lets just get into this post shall we.

Laura Secord

I have been told this is the best chocolate there is to buy, well I am not that big of a chocolate fan so I really don’t know if I will agree with that but who cares right?


Kinder Surprise

I bought this one last year and wasn’t all that happy with it only because I was hoping to get a kinder egg each day and just a heads up you don’t… it really isn’t that big of a deal because this is one kind of chocolate I do like!



Okay now this is the best chocolate right? I sure think so I mean the price alone is not cheap! I have had lindt one before but this one is just bigger and yes it cost more!


Lego City

I have seen theses for years and I have wanted to buy one but for some reason just haven’t. Well guess what! Okay so you already know that I have bought it! I am excited to open each day and build this Christmas scene.



Okay I honestly don’t really know why I bought this…. I just thought they were cute and it’s Disney!



This one is for my beauty lovers out there. This is also the most expensive one! You get a variety of makeup and skin care.


What advent calendars have you bought? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to follow along with what I get each day then be sure to follow me on Instagram here where I will be posting pictures of what I get inside and also on my vlog channel on my youtube channel where I will be posting a video everyday for 24 days in December!

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