Bath & Body Works Mini Haul

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes I am talking about how CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! In case you can’t tell I REALLY love Christmas! Yet this year is going to be so different since the passing of my mother.

Even though it is ALMOST November that doesn’t stop stores from selling Christmas items and well winter items! Just you wait until December when I share what all I have for Christmas and the winter! Until then you can just look at my very mini shopping haul!

I didn’t buy much at all because there really wasn’t that much for winter out just yet it was still fall, now I do love fall but because Thanksgiving has passed for us in Canada, I am already onto Christmas! Also just a side note having this blog does mean that I get to live a few months ahead of everyone else!

Whenever I buy soaps from Bath & Body Works I never smell them! I know such a rebel! Not really, I just feel if I don’t like one then I just give it to a friend who may like it.

Let me know if you have bought anything winter or Christmas related yet! Also is there a certain soap, candle or room scent that you are excited to bring out?

Also this is the only soap that is fall not winter themed. If you would like be sure to read my August Bath & Body Works Haul where you can see the soaps I have been using to date.







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