October Bark Box

This post is late and I am very sorry about that! I haven’t had much free time to be able to post regularly but I am hoping that I will be back to my usual 2 posts per week!

As you know (or don’t) I have a very handsome Golden Retriever named Darwin (if you want to know more about him click here). Each month he gets a monthly subscription box from Bark Box. If you don’t know it is a great gift for your dog(s)! Darwin absolutely loves getting his and has even recognized the box when it does come! It is not easy to let him just get right into it all like he wants only because I want to share it with all of you!

Also I know I didn’t post September’s Bark Box but that is because for some reason I didn’t get it until October! It was another good one though! If you want to see what he received in August be sure to check it out here.

This month is also REALLY good! I just really love the quality of the products! Plus the toys are SO adorable and very well made!



I didn’t include the codes to use to get a free box but if you do want one make sure to let me know and if there is still one available I will send you the code!


I honestly love the paper that everything in the box comes in! I keep them all not just because they are great but for a future project I am working on! You will have to stay around to see what that is!


How cute is this rain of terror?!?!


Flip it over for an extra surprise!


I honestly can’t handle how adorable this toy is!



Darwin only gets 3 toys because I pay for an extra toy, if you don’t then you only get 2 but for a bit extra why not get another toy!


This duck chew was an extra that I added into my box, he has had them before and just loves it!


Again this was an extra that I wanted!


I love the packaging that the treats come in! Whoever is the designer is just awesome!



Darwin actually didn’t like the spooky pooch treats! He would chew one and spit it all out, when that happens I keep the treats to give to my friend who’s dog eats EVERYTHING!


As you can tell Darwin does get a lot and the fact he gets this box each month there are some toys he just has no interest in and when that happens I put them aside and try again later on and if he still has no interest then what I have done is put them in a bag and when I get enough toys I will be taking them to the local animal shelter to donate so the doggies there can have some fun with them while waiting for a new home!

If you want to sign yourself up for this amazing box for your dog(s) be sure to click here and get your first box free!

Also for all the social media lovers out there and those who love dogs like Darwin be sure to follow him on Instagram by clicking here.

This post is in no way sponsored! I have paid for all of this myself.

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