The Man Who Change My Life

Everyone we meet in our lives come for a reason either to help us, teach us or love us. I have had so many wonderful and amazing men, women, and children that have come into my life and have help shaped who I am today. Yet there is one man who changed my life forever aside from my dad. This man opened my eyes to a new world and showed me that I am smart and can learn anything with the right teaching methods. Funny thing is when I first met him I didn’t like him at all, it wasn’t until I was much older that I learned how much he showed me.

Okay I know you are wondering who am I talking about and no this isn’t some stupid ex-boyfriend or any type of love interest! Have you seen the movie To Sir With Love? No? Well, go watch it once you are done reading this and if you have well go watch it again because it is just such a great movie!

Like the movie To Sir With Love I had a teacher who really did help me grow into a young women. He was my grade 6 teacher and I am not going to release his name just for his own privacy. Now I do want to say I have never told him how much I love him and how much he shaped my life. I do wish I could so I am writing this in hopes that maybe he would read it one day? I am also writing this because last week my dad and I received a letter from my mothers favourite teacher whom she loved very dearly and who helped shape her life. I guess you can say I am a lot like my mother!

My teacher tought in such an amazing way and not like any other teacher I have had. He would let me stay after school to work on my school projects or to just listen to music with him. Music was in our class everyday or at least it seemed like it. I remember the day he played American Pie by Don McLean. The song was just amazing and how my teachers face had this huge smile as we would listen to the song and learn the lyrics. This was not the day the music died but the day the music started. American Pie was just the begging of the music. I remember I would always be SO excited when it was time for music class and that I was going to learn a new song to fall in love with. I would go home almost every single day so happy and excited for the next day of class. This was my one and only school year (aside from kindergarten) that I was always happy and very excited for school.

Aside from the music that my teacher would teach us we would also have AMAZING science classes! I remember making something with wires and all that to light up 2 small lightbulbs, I also remember asking if I could bring it home to show my parents. There were so many hands on projects and learning that we had for science and honestly this is where my love for science came from.

Not only did we have great science classes but it was as if we were always going on field trips and not some one day trip! Some of our field trips were almost a full week! One of my all time favourites was going up north in Ontario and seeing the big nickel and getting a tour of the mines. I remember how hot it was in the mines and that we had to have hard hats and ear plugs. I don’t know why I have that memory but I do plus all the metal stairs. In case you can’t tell I have a very weird memory.

I remember going to Tobermory and going on the Bruce Peninsula Trail and going through a cave and all the hiking we did with all the amazing views! I also remember a very funny story well at the time I didn’t find it funny but I can remember it like it just happened and it always makes me laugh. As you know when you have a large group of kids you always need parent volunteers to help out and because we were up north we were in rattlesnake country because of this we had to have proper footwear to help protect us. Now I am absolutely terrified of snakes and I’m not kidding I will scream and run the other way! So I know you want to know what is my funny story…. I was at the back of the group with another student, a teacher and a parent. The one student just finished climbing down this rock hill and so was the parent when the teacher who was in front of me all of a sudden screamed and jumped onto the parents back and the parent ran away like a piggy back race, at this point I was climbing down the rock hill and all I hear is the other student yell at me to be careful and hurry because apparently there was a rattlesnake… I have NO IDEA how I climbed down but I never saw the snake or even heard it. The reason I didn’t find this funny at the time wasn’t because of the snake but because the parent and teacher who are to make sure us students are safe just up and ran leaving me behind all alone! Yet like I said now I find it absolutely hilarious!

I also remember going away for a weekend on a trip for D.A.R.E and getting food poising from McDonald’s. Like I said my memory is very weird and strange!

I just can’t believe how my teacher in one school year shaped my life so much! He really did teach me all about music and how some artist helped pave the way for many others. How much fun science can be. How a field trip  can last a week and so many things can happen in that time.

You really need to watch the movie To Sir With Love to really understand how much I love, appreciate and am so thankful for this amazing man! It does make me sad that he no longer teaches and that I have lost touch with him but I will always have a place in my heart for him.

I honestly wish there were more teachers like him out there. I also want to add that just because I love him and that he was amazing I did have a lot of other great teachers that helped shaped my life but no one like my grade 6 teacher! I hope that my future children will meet a teacher that they love and help them grow as a person.

Did you have a teacher that helped shape your life? Or even a teacher that you just really liked? Please share with me your stories! We really need to respect our teachers and not be so hard on them! They are just doing their job by teaching our children and they really do want the best for them! So please remember if you child is not doing very well in school don’t go and yell at the teacher because 99% of the time it is your child NOT the teacher!

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  1. What a beautiful post! I hope that you can in some way share it with him. I too had a grade six teacher who inspired me to be curious about history and archaeology. I ended up doing a Master of Arts, specializing in history as a result of the interest in this subject that he inspired in me. He was passionate about Mayans and Aztecs, and although my interest was Medieval Europe, it was that kernel of interest in the past that he instilled in me.

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