August Bark Box 2017

There are so many kinds of monthly subscription boxes out there that you can get and if you’re new here then be sure to check out my other subscription box I get FabFitFun Summer 2017. I have tried many kinds over the past few years, and this one is one of my favourites mainly because EVERYTHING that comes in it is all for Darwin! Be sure to check out my post Meet Darwin to learn about my awesome Golden Retriever puppy!

I was really hoping that Darwin would like everything that comes in the monthly box but thankfully for me he loves everything so it is worth every penny for me.


Bark Box is so amazing, the quality of the products are just great and perfect for Darwin. You start by selecting the size of dog you have and then start adding in some information about your pup. What I really like is that there is a section to add in any allergies that your dog has! If you are interested in signing up be sure to click here and you will soon have a very happy dog in your house!

The box I get I pay for an extra toy because why not! I also added in table scraps this month just to see if it was worth it and if Darwin was even interested!


As you can see Darwin was VERY excited to get into this box! Just a note he is VERY tired when we opened the box so he is never smiling but trust me he was just in heaven! It doesn’t help that I was making him wait!




This month Darwin received 3 toys and 3 kinds of treats plus the table scraps but if you choose not to have any extras then you would just get 2 toys and 3 kinds of treats. Also just a not that depending on the size of your dog will depend what toys you get! There is always a theme and this one was out of this world.

The first toy Darwin played with he has not stopped since opening the box! He is in love with this toy and it squeaks…. he loves toys that squeak me well not so much!



I also want to note that Darwin has such droopy eyes and he always looks so tired and sad! DON’T GIVE IN TO HIS FACE!!!!!


The second toy he wasn’t interested in right away but by the next day he started playing. I think there is just so much he gets he just gets over excited and doesn’t know what to do.


The 3rd toy he loves too well he loves to play tug of war with it!



Okay now time to get to the treats! I do not give him all the treats! I just let me get one of each (if possible) and that’s it… I like to keep many treats on hand!


He didn’t get any sample of the crunchy pork and apple but that’s okay I want to save it for a car ride to keep him busy!


Now time when he gets to actually eat a treat. Thankfully he is such a good boy and waits to take his treats. I would recommend teaching your dog to wait for food and treats!





LOOK HOW ADORABLE DARWIN IS!!!!! I absolutely love this guy so much!


Darwin loves treats and would easily eat the bag full! Actually in the past he has gotten ahold of a treat bag and well lets just say there were no survivors!



This isn’t my first bark box but it is the first time that I ordered table scraps and oh my gosh I can’t get over the cloth bag they come in!


Seeing how I have never received table scraps I wasn’t sure what to expect…. I was surprised that there were 5 items! Not only that but everything inside are some of Darwin’s favourites!


Can you believe that all of that come in the box! For me it is all worth the money and paying extra! Darwin just loves these boxes and he really does go crazy! There are A LOT of pictures where you can tell he is loving it but they are just WAY too blurry!

Again if you want to sign up for your own monthly box for your pup be sure to click here! You can also add more than one dog if you need to. Not only that but you can shop the box and buy extra of a certain treat or toy and also buy past boxes (if there are any left) or just something from the past boxes!

Not only all of that but you can gift bark box to a fellow doggy (great christmas or birthday gift) and not only that but if you want you can donate your box to a shelter dog!

I can’t wait to see what he gets next month and thankfully Darwin can wait while playing with his new toys!

If you think Darwin is just adorable and you want to see more of him go follow him on his Instagram by clicking here.


This post is in no way sponsored! I have paid for all of this myself.

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