StylePro Review

I am SO excited for this post! Like for real! Way back when I first started this blog I made a post about cleaning my makeup brushes be sure to check it out here.

I know you have seen the videos all over about this makeup brush cleaner. Well I just knew I HAD to buy this and see if it really does work! If you haven’t seen the video then be sure watch the video here.

Okay now that you are up to date on how this works I am going to be honest I really didn’t think this was going to work like the video shows! Yet I HATE cleaning my brushes! It takes so much time and I get bored so if there is something that can make that task easier than I must try it!

I was SO surprised at how fast this arrived! In less than a week I received it in the mail! What really surprised me was not only how fast it arrived but also the fact it is shipped from the UK!


In the box you get 2 brush cleaner samples. Plus you also get a good amount of sizes for your brushes and what made me really happy is that the batteries were included!


You also get a little holder for the attachments plus the hand motor thing…. I have no idea what to call it!


Okay now I know you don’t really care so much about what you get you just want to know if this works! So did I! Just remember I said I hate cleaning my brushes… so some of them are VERY dirty!


Okay so I started with my foundation brush that is honestly my all time favourite that I have ever bought! Now this brush REALLY needs a good cleaning! So I knew this would be the best brush to test this!


I feel like I have really exposed myself! I know anyone out there who is like myself knows this feeling of exposing your dirty makeup brushes.

The instructions say to add either the brush cleaner or soap and then warm water. I used my soap I always use to clean my brushes. Just make sure your soap isn’t going to wreck your brush!

Once you find the right size attachment you put the brush into the bowl of soap and water and turn it on! Just make sure the brush isn’t touching the bottom.


I could not believe how in seconds the water went from clean soapy water to dirty water! Now because this brush is SO dirty I did have to change the water! This is how my brush looked after just the first wash!


I can not get over how clean this is already! After I changed the water and did another clean I could not get over how clean my brush was! This brush normally takes me a good 10ish minutes to get this clean and thanks to this AWSOME product my brush was cleaned and dried in less than 2 minutes!!!!


Besides my foundation brush another good brush to test this product is my blush brush. Again I am just exposing myself to you!


Okay now when I cleaned this brush I still did have some blush residue on it and I am not sure if I just didn’t let it clean enough or if the brush is just so old it needs to be replaced but either way this cleaner is just the best!


At this point I was just AMAZED! Less then 5 minutes and I already had 2 of my brushes clean.


I absolutely love this eyeshadow brush so much and honestly I completely forgot that it was actually pink!


Okay just one more brush that I must share! This is the only brush that I have left where you can actually see the difference.




Okay well after all the cleaning of my brushes that took about 10 minutes! I thought you would want to see how dirty the water is because why not.


Okay so in the end this was the first time I enjoyed cleaning my brushes! I just can’t get over how easy and fast this was.


Alright so you have seen how dirty and ugly my brushes looked before and how they look now. I really just love this! One of the best parts is that not only does it clean but it also dry them! Meaning that if I find one of my brushes dirty and need it right away it will only take a minute to have a clean brush! This is just great for when you’re in a rush.

Okay so lets talk money…. this isn’t a cheap product at all it did cost $64.99 USD but the shipping was free so that helps. Plus like I said I received it less than a week after ordering it.

If you are interested in buying one for yourself or that someone you know who is a makeup lover with dirty brushes then be sure to check out their website.

I do also want to let you know that this was no way a sponsored post. I spent my own money for the StylePro Brush Cleaner and everything I have said is 100% my honest opinion.


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