Mini Bath & Body Works Haul

Whenever you need to buy soap where do you go? I love to go to Bath & Body Works! I just find that they always have great deals! Plus the scents are just so amazing! I also love that they have so many scents for the seasons!

I can’t believe it but I actually ran out of soap! I normally have about 3-10 in my closet at all times so it was very surprising when I found out I was out. Sadly the store is about an hour away so it isn’t like I can just go whenever and that is probably a good thing at least for my bank account!

Just a little side note…. I went in 2 weeks ago and they were already getting all the fall line out!!!!!! PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! #basicwhitegirl

Okay now that I have that out of my system…. I really didn’t buy a lot because of the fact the fall line was going to be fully out soon so I didn’t need to stock up too much on the spring/summer line. The deal they had was buy 3 get 2 free so basically the same deal they always have just worded differently.






I also ended up grabbing 2 scents for my room just because my room always seems to smell like my dog! If you want to know more about my dog be sure to read Meet Darwin.



Let me know what you’re most excited for in their fall line! I can’t wait for the apple scent soaps and candles! Oh I am SO excited for fall to come!!!!

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