Rainbow Cake

Somewhere over the rainbow…. I gained another year to my life! Yes I am talking about my birthday. Yesterday I turn the 29. My last year in my 20’s before the big scary 30’s. Actually I have no issues with my age, at least not yet….

Every year I get a cake because what is a birthday without cake? I have had so many different things for cakes in the past from Burt and Ernie, a car and even a cowboy theme. This year because things have changed so drastically the past few months that means that I was in charge of getting my own cake. Normally my parents would get it and I would be surprised to see what was on it.


I wanted something fun and bright to help with this being the first major thing the past few months…. if you don’t know what I am talking about then be sure to read All In A Month.

The rainbow cake has always looked amazing. I also knew this would sure be a project! Now you want to make sure to use white cake that way the colour shows up great! Also make sure to use gel food colouring!!!


I just used a box cake well actually I used 6 box cakes because I have 3 cakes I made! So make your cakes and add in food colouring. Once they are done make sure you let them completely cool down!

Once the cakes are cool level out all the cakes and make sure they are all the same. This just makes the cake look very neat when you cut into it! Once all the cakes are the same it is time to assemble it! You want to make sure you go in the right order! Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and then red! You can have either purple or red on the top!

Add frosting between each layer! I just made a simple whip cream frosting! Add a crumb coat on the outside of the cake and then put in the fridge for at least a half hour before finishing it all off.


*Baking Tip – a crumb coat is just a thing layer of frosting to help lock the crumbs in*

Add more frosting all over and smooth it all out or don’t, this is the fun part about decorating you get to do it your way! I then added some rainbow sprinkles on it for the finishing touch!


Now because this is my birthday cake I added candles before cutting into it! I often find that every time I bake I always have something go wrong and then I learn from it! As long as it tastes good in the end who cares right?


If you make a rainbow cake be sure to let me know how it turned out!



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