Meet Darwin

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you will have seen that I got a puppy! I picked him up just before Easter and let me just say I was SO lucky to get him in so many ways! 

Firstly I must say that I spent a long time going back and forth about either going to the shelter or going to a breeder. I went to a breeder for a few reasons but I can assure you my next dog will come from the shelter in what I hope will be a few years…


Now for the part where I tell you how I got him. I knew I wanted a Golden Retriever mainly because they are great for someone with mental illness (let’s be real any dog is) but also because they just always look happy and soft. A good friend of mine has 2 and let me tell you I love her dogs and they love me too… I think…. If she didn’t have her dogs I wouldn’t see her…. joking! I would still see her because she has 2 mini horses….. Again joking and knowing that if she is reading this and I know she will she will be laughing knowing that this is how I am. Also she has been mentioned on here before if you look at my Winter Lookbook the mini horses in there are hers!


Anyway back to my story…… I started contacting breeders all over Ontario! Sadly they all said the same thing that there was a waiting list or that they don’t know when they will have a litter. This made me very unhappy because I wanted a dog right then! I lost my last dog 6 years ago and I knew it was time. Yet at the time I also knew it wouldn’t be the best because my mom was about to have surgery and I knew my time would be spent with her. You can read what happened to my mom on my last post All In A Month.

One Saturday after I got home in the middle of the night from my friend’s house something made me think I should check my junk mail to see if somehow someone responded to me and it went there, well to my surprise I received an email from a breeder saying she had a litter and that there were 2 males still available and I could come the next day to see them. That is my long story short! It really was such a blessing that it all worked out!


I did get him at only 7 weeks and he was just this small little guy that was just so little!


I never knew how much I needed him during that time! I still am SO happy to have him! The main reason for him is to help me with my mental illness and let me say he is doing his job!



I have had Darwin in my life for almost 3 months now and wow what a hard time of my life, I am going to be 100% honest here…. If I didn’t have Darwin during the past few months I honestly don’t think I would be how I am right now. Again if you are not sure what I am talking about then read All In A Month it will explain the hardest time of my life that just happened.



Darwin is such a big dog that anyone and everyone will ALWAYS say how big his paws are! They are huge! Same size as my friends Lab even though I bet they are bigger now!


This guy makes me laugh so hard and also cry because he just honestly makes me SO happy!


Darwin also knows how to just fill my heart up with so much love for him. I also love his eyes!!!


One of our favourite things to do together is go for walks at the lake. Now he used to hate going on walks but now he knows when we are going to the lake and gets SO excited! I even bought a dog harness for my “GoPro” to go on to get new style of videos!


Aside from swimming he also LOVES LOVES LOVES the mud!


If you want to follow him then be sure to check out his Instagram account.

Don’t forget to share this post because who wouldn’t want to see pictures of a puppy from 7 weeks to almost 19 weeks! Be sure to stick around because I will have more dog related post in the future!




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