Where Have I Been?

Hello Everyone! If you follow this blog or view it regularly then you would know that I have not posted anything since the end of January!

I started this blog as a way to have my voice heard even if it was just by 1 person. To keep myself busy doing things I love. The great thing about having a lifestyle blog is that there are SO many different parts to it and I get to use all the hobbies and interests that I love. 

I have talked very little about my mental health but I made a promise to myself when I started that I would make sure my health comes first. I also made a promise to myself that I would not get stressed out about making sure to have a weekly post. I always wanted to have posts that I am proud of and what I would be interested in reading.

Back in January I received some bad news to do with my health (future post) and in all honestly I didn’t take it very well. Yet I tried to keep a weekly post. By the time February came I received more bad new about my health and I started to stress over getting a post out. I decided to take a step back and just focus on myself.

I was actually going to post this back at the beginning of the month but let me just say April has been another stressful month and a busy one! On the 2nd I celebrated my 25th anniversary of my adoption. The next day my mother had surgery and sadly she is still in the hospital and not coming home anytime soon.

Good new though is on the 13th I welcomed a new puppy into my life! I will have a post all about him in a few weeks but if you want to keep up with him follow his Instagram account here.

I decided it was time to get back to blogging because before everything got stressful I was REALLY enjoying myself and I just felt like people were listening to what I had to say. I can’t promise that I will be posting twice a week like before but I can promise that I will try my best to post every week like I did when I first started!

Thank you for taking the time reading this post and thank you for understanding. I do have some posts planned out but if there is anything you would like to read or anything just let me know!


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