Monthly Meal Monday #breakfest #brunch #eggs #smokedsalmon #food

Monthly Meal Monday – January 2017

Okay so I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I want to go with my blog for the year and some goals that I have and I came up with some great ideas! One of them is what I am calling Monthly Meal Monday and by that I mean at the end of each month I am going to post my favourite recipe or food that I had from the past month. This will always be going up on the last Monday of the month! I am including anything that I eat doesn’t matter if I bought it, made it or had it at a restaurant.

So seeing how this is the last Monday of this month I am going to post about what my favourite thing was in January! Now like many of you January was a hard month because we all have to get over all the holiday food and go back to normal well sorry but no! You can eat amazing food that tastes great!

January was a good month for eats at least for me! I tried out many new recipes some were really good and some not so good.

Now I love breakfast food! I think it is amazing and you can eat it all day! I don’t tend to eat my breakfast I normally just have brunch but anyway one day I was really craving a soft boiled egg but I also had some smoked salmon that I needed to eat before it went bad! Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE smoked salmon! It is the best way to eat salmon at least I think so.

Monthly Meal Monday #breakfest #brunch #eggs #smokedsalmon #food

I ended up boiling up some eggs and making toast with my smoked salmon and let me just say YUM! I was in love with this breakfast! I have had this almost every week just because I really do love it! I also tried to change it up a bit by making it into eggs benny with homemade hollandaise sauce.

When I was making the sauce I felt so sick for how it is made! Have you ever made it before? It was good but I have a new recipe I want to try for the next time!

Monthly Meal Monday #breakfest #brunch #eggs #smokedsalmon #food

This was good too but just knowing about the sauce well I didn’t make it again. Now honestly the only difference was adding the sauce and the layout! I still had toast with smoked salmon on it and then I again had a soft boiled egg that I peeled and cut in half plus the sauce. That easy!

Let me know what something you really enjoyed eating in January or in general! If there is something you think I would enjoy please let me know and I will try it! I love trying new foods.


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