Lush Mini Shopping Haul

Another Monday already, I know many people hate Monday’s well for me it is just another day. I hope all y’all had a great weekend! I spent my weekend shopping! Saturday I went to a market with a good friend of mine and Sunday I went shopping again with another good friend of mine. One of the stores I went to was Lush!

I love Lush SOOOOO much! I only got into the company about 2 years ago now and I feel like I know a lot but still don’t know anything.

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

It is not hard for me to spend all of my money here. This time the store was SO busy that it was very overwhelming for me and I also didn’t want to go completely broke from shopping all weekend. Like others I know what bath bombs, bubble bars, or anything else that I love. This time when I went to the store there was a lot of bath bombs that I have never used so I made sure to buy more of the bath bombs that I haven’t tried.

My all time favourite bath bomb is Big Blue. I just love everything about it. It makes the water look AMAZING and smells so good plus there is real seaweed inside and if you didn’t know seaweed is great for your skin! During the summer of 2015 I was working at the PanAm Games and because my event was outside I got a VERY bad sun burn on my legs and I mean it was BAD! Big Blue helped heal my burn so anytime I see it in the store I always buy at least one!

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

Another one you can’t go wrong with is the classic Butterball! I find this one is just so simple and makes my skin feel like silk! This one is smaller than the other bath bombs but don’t let the size fool you!

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

Another favourite of mine is Yoga Bomb. If I am have an extra stressful day I love to use this one, I love the smell the colour and how I feel after. It is really a good one to relax in.

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

I have heard and seen amazing things about Dragons Egg. I have never used one before but I always wanted to. I have seen it demoed in the store tho and I love how it looks and the smell is just amazing! I am VERY excited to use this one!

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner that means lovely bath bombs! Now I am not a fan on Valentine’s Days but I was excited for their bath bombs! Seeing how it is just a few weeks away that meant the store didn’t have a lot of the line left! I was lucky enough to get Cupid. I have no idea what to expect but I just know it is cute looking.

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

I am not sure if this is also part of the Valentine’s Days line but it was so pretty to look at plus I fell in love with the smell! Again I have no idea what to expect from Rose Bombshell but I am going to guess something to do with roses.

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

Now for bubble bars I picked up my all time favourite The Comforter. I buy this one all the time and I even have a full one still in my collection but I really do love it. I have yet to come across another bubble bar that I love this much.

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

Lastly I was again lucky to pick up Unicorn Horn. This just looked AMAZING in the store and I love everything about it so far mind you I haven’t used it yet but still. I really was lucky to get it seeing how there were only 5 left! I can’t wait to use it!

Lush Haul #lush #bathbombs #bath #bubblebath #relax #vegan

Like I said it was just a mini shopping because of how busy the store was. I could have bought a lot more but I was good and didn’t. Let me know what your favourite bath bomb, bubble bar or anything else they sell! I can’t wait to have my next bath! Be sure to stick around as a future post will be featuring one of these bath bombs or one of my other ones in my collection!



  1. My favourite bath bomb is big blue as well 🙂 Rose Bombshell is super nice, not too sweet, but a nice uplifting rose scent with a TON of flowers inside of it. if you don’t want to make your tub a mess use a pantyhose to put the bomb inside of the and the flowers will stay in there. My favourite Lush product right now is the Igloo soap! the smell is overwhelming from just a bar sitting in my shower (and my shower is full of Lush) it is a rose-lemon scent. I also love the holiday shower gel Bubbly, nice cheery citrus scent to wake me up and make me feel happy. I use lush for everything, soap/wash, face routine, hair and bath goodies. obsessed!

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