January IPSY Bag

Can you believe we are already half way through January? Time seems to be going by fast but still slow for me most of the time. Back in November I posted my November IPSY Bag make sure to go take a read.

For those who don’t know IPSY is a monthly subscription where you get 5 beauty samples even tho it isn’t uncommon to get a full size or a good size for a sample. If you are interested in signing up for yourself be sure to click here. It cost $10 plus shipping. Plus you get a really cool bag.

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

I received a top coat polish and in all honesty I don’t wear top coats at all…. I know it is bad but if I paint my nails it’s almost always black and I really just don’t have the time to wait around for a base coat and then the polish and a top coat to dry!

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

Now I was actually really mad about one of the items I got, not because of what it was or the company just how much packaging the company used for something so small! You can’t tell from the picture but the packaging opens up and it is just crazy how much is needed for the under eye cream!

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

I love getting brushes I don’t care if I already have so many for the same thing because let’s be honest no one has the time to wait for a brush to be cleaned and dried. The only problem is that this is a contour brush and well I don’t do that but I am sure I will find a use for the brush.

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

I have received The Balm many times before and I do really love this company and their packaging but I just wish their sample size was bigger but I am sure everyone says that about any type of sample.

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

Lastly another company that I seem to get a lot and I again really like. I find this company is great for all skin types. I am very excited to use this mask! I absolutely love facial masks!

January IPSY Bag #ipsy #beauty #makeup #subscription

I can’t wait to see what I get next month! I really do love IPSY! I also have a good selection of makeup bags that I use for so many different things!


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