Olay Skin Care

I have said so many times how much I absolutely love Olay! I do love a lot of other skin care lines but I tend to stick with Olay for so many reasons! I feel like I own every part of their line even tho I don’t. This post is NOT sponsored by Olay but I wish is was because I honestly and truly believe in the company.

This company has something for everyone! I mean everyone! Any age and any skin type! Whatever you need you will find with Olay! 

Now I know that normally you would use an exfoliator first and even tho I do own some I don’t have one by Olay and that is only because I use the Olay facial cleansing brush. I find this works great seeing how I use it every morning and night. I find I don’t have any dry patches of skin and it makes my skin feel so smooth!

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

Alright so for cleansers I use 2 different kinds. It just depends on if I have time to use the cleansing brush or if I want to even pack it when I go away for the night. If I choose to not use my cleansing brush I like to use the Olay 2-in-1 facial cloths. These are perfect for packing if you are going away or if you don’t want to use cleanser from a bottle. I love these little cloths so much. All you do is add warm water to the cloth and clean your face! It is just so simple! I find these are the best to travel with, nice and light and do not take up a lot of room at all!

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

If I am going to be using my cleansing brush then I like to add the Olay gentle clean foaming cleanser. I just add a pea size onto the brush and clean away! I normally use the combination skin in the summer just because my skin tends to be more oily sadly.

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

Before I apply any moisturizer I like to apply Olay facial oil. Yes I use this even when my skin is oily! This stuff is amazing! I only need a few drops and it lasts FOREVER!

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

Now for moisturizer cream I use a few kinds…. If my skin is doing well and I don’t have any issues I like to use Olay hydrating cream.

Olay Skin Care

If my skin feels more dry I REALLY love using Olay overnight gel mask. Now I know it sounds like it is something you have to remove after 10ish minutes but you leave it on all night! By morning your skin will feel AMAZING!!!

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

Now we can’t forget about our eyes! I really love Olay age defying eye cream. Not only do I use this under my eyes but I do like to put it on my eye lids and around the sides. I know this may sound crazy but once you hit around 25-28 you will want to start using anti aging products sorry to say.

Olay Skin Care

On the mornings when I am running late for something or just feeling a bit lazy I tend to just use BB cream. or a tinted moisturizer. Now I really tried hard to find a link to the two that I have and I couldn’t find it online for the life of me but I do still see it in the store. This is just my lazy thing to use or if I am just going to the store and I don’t want to put on makeup.

Olay Skin Care #beauty #skincare #olay #freshface #healthyskin

I find using all of these products together make my skin feel and look great! They also work great with other company products. Like I said in the beginning I absolutely LOVE Olay! It is easy to find in stores and I find it isn’t that bad on the wallet. Somethings may seem like a lot of money but remember you don’t actually need to use a lot of any the products!

Again this is NOT a sponsored post even tho it would be an honour to work with them!


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