Best Books of 2016

Okay I know this is another best of 2016 post and don’t be surprised if there is another one or two this month! Last week I posted 2016 Makeup Favourites and my reflection of 2016 and my goals for 2017 you can read it here.

Over the last year I was able to spend A LOT of time reading! I have actually written a post about my Favourite Books. Over the past year I came across a lot of good books and if you’re a reader then this post is for you! 

Most of these books were released before 2016 but they are still really good reads!

Now all my Harry Potter fans will agree with me on that this book is amazing! Before I read it I went through all the other books first just because.


If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh and cry from laughing then be sure to read Amy Schumer!


Another great book for a laugh is Amy Poehler! There must be something about people named Amy! This book really helped me when I was going through a bad bad depression after my surgery!


I love a good mystery book and if it keeps me on my toes that makes it even better! I found so many things happened in this book that sometimes it was hard to keep up!


Now I have seen this movie so many times and I finally got around to read the book and of course the book is WAY better than the movie!


Okay maybe that wasn’t that many books but remember I said I read all 7 of the Harry Potter books plus I also reread a lot of other books that I love, if you want to know some of the other books I read then be sure to read my Favourite Books.

PLEASE let me know your favourite book or even author. I have another surgery coming up where I am on bed rest for a few months and to help not lose my mind I need some new books to read to help escape from my reality.

*all images found on google*


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