Now I know everyone is saying how bad 2016 was and while I will agree that there was a lot of bad things that happened I wouldn’t say it was all bad! I don’t like to focus on all the negative that is going on I believe that with everything bad there is a silver lining! In case you can’t tell I see the glass as half full. I am an optimist.

Now 2016 started as a great year for me! I threw a surprise party for my dad’s 80th birthday and it was a hit plus a lot of fun!


Moved into a new house and it is still a change from my childhood home but for SO many reasons! I do love the new house but I honestly want my other one back!

I went to see one of my favourite country artists Johnny Reid at Massy Hall in downtown Toronto and it was just AMAZING!


I ended up flying out to Arizona for a week to see some of my family and again had a blast and came back with a major tan! I love Arizona so much that I wish I could go back every year for a trip! I even got to try In N Out and it was amazing!


About a month after I came back from my trip I received a phone call from my surgeons office saying that there was an opening for my surgery to happen in 5 days! If you don’t know about my surgery I am talking about then be sure to read all the posts I have about them! 2 New Legs PleaseNew Leg On The WayMonth One Post Op2 Month Post Op3 Month Post Op. I have them all in order if you want to read them to understand the major surgery I had. I have spent the rest of my year recovering!


During my recovery because I couldn’t do anything for months I started to post on this blog and it wasn’t long before I decided that I wanted to post weekly. It was keeping me busy and giving me the feeling like I was doing something with my life while still on bed rest! Turns out I was enjoying myself so much that I wanted to have 2 posts every week! I honestly really really REALLY love posting on my blog! I just love it and I really do feel like I have a voice and that someone is listening to me! If I can help someone or make someone smile with my post then I know I have done something right!

All in all there were bad times in the world but even tho I spent over half the year recovering from my surgery it was a good year for me! With it now being 2017 I honestly have high hopes for this year! I have to have 2 more surgeries one on my stomach and the other one is the High Tibial Osteotomy Rotation that I had on my one leg that I get to go through all over again just this time on the other leg.

If you don’t know I have A LOT of tattoos! No lie! I ended up getting 2 more in 2016 and the one is now my biggest! No lie it is huge okay for some of you maybe it isn’t huge but it does take up a lot of room and I spent a total of 8ish hours in the chair! I just love it so much! The thirteen isn’t part of it tho, that is a different tattoo! This tattoo really has A LOT of meaning to me and just who I am and where I have been in my life.


I don’t believe in making resolutions because why make them? If you really want to eat better or lose weight or whatever then why are you waiting for a new year to do it? If you really  want to do it then you would start right now! I always read about people saying that January 1st is a new page to a new book or some other crap just like it. That is just bull! Everyday is a new day to start fresh! STOP WAITING FOR THE NEW YEAR!

The only thing I ever like to say for the new year is health and happiness to my family and friends! Yet this year I have made some resolutions! Shocking after what I just said I know but for me they are things I have already been working on, one is to have more indoor plants, work on my mental health and keep up with this blog.

I only have 9 plants right now but I do want a lot more! I grew up with a lot of plants in the house so I would like to keep living with them all over. Plus get some indoor trees! Funny thing is I am actually going to get some new plants today! Not only that but I want to set up a vegetable garden at the house. I was all ready for one last spring but because I had surgery I wasn’t able to. Fingers crossed this spring and summer I will have one!


I haven’t mentioned my mental health that much on here and maybe I will in a future post but for now all I will say is that I have been getting help with it since the fall. I know I post here every Monday and Thursday but once I have my surgery I really don’t know if I will be able to do much for the first month at least but if I get more of a warning this time then I will just pre write it all!

So because I know that most of 2017 is going to be recovering from surgeries again that is why I don’t have much to say for it but trust me 2018 is going to be when things really happen for me! I only know this because of what I have planned for it! I just keep thinking about what I will be doing once its 2018 besides turning a big number!

What is something that happened in 2016 that you really like and what are you excited for in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!


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