FabFitFun Winter Box 2016

With Christmas now over and soon 2016 the winter hasn’t even begun yet well at least here in Canada where we get a crazy amount of snow! I do hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever the holiday you celebrate is that it was/is a good one!

There are so many monthly subscription boxes out there and I have even written about my IPSY Beauty Bag you can check out the post here. Aside from receiving a monthly beauty bag from IPSY I also am subscribed to FabFitFun. For those of you that don’t know FabFitFun is a huge box you receive each season. The products inside are all full size! Plus the total box work is always over $200 yet you only pay $58 CAD plus shipping each season! It may sound like a lot to pay but remember the total box worth is over $200!!!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

Each season box is full of amazing goodies plus you even get discount codes from the companies that are included in the box. Not only that but the boxes are an amazing design! I love this subscription box SO much! I really get excited for it to arrive!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

I received my winter box a few weeks ago and I just love it so much! The box itself is just beautiful! And yes I do keep the boxes!

Whenever I open the box I never know where to start! This box didn’t change that! One of the first things I saw was this beautiful pin from Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is the charity that FabFitFun has partnered up with to help children in hospitals who suffer from critical, chronic or terminal illness. If you are able to afford to donate anything to this amazing foundation then please do! You can do so by going to Starlight Foundation Website.

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

I love jewelry VERY much! I absolutely love love love this necklace from Gorjana. It is just so simple and there are a few ways to style it! I also love that it is gold and find it is something so simple and classy to any outfit!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

With all the Christmas gifts that I received I have a lot of thank you cards to write and lucky for me this months box included some! These thank you care are just so simple and elegant. Marie Mae Company really knows what they are doing!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

With 2017 only a few days away I am always in need of a yearly planner especially since I have started this blog I have needed one to keep myself on track of everything. Lucky for me I got a Moleskine 2017 Weekly Planner. This is just the perfect size to keep in my purse and on my desk!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

With the cold weather I don’t know about you but my skin does get dried out sadly. I am always buying body lotion and always on the hunt for more and new brands to try! I was very excited to find Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream in my winter box. Now I haven’t used any just yet because I am almost finished a different brand and I want it to be done first.

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

Another skin care product that was in the winter box was O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face.  This stuff is amazing! I really love it. It is a spray and it is completely different from anything I have seen that is an exfoliant.

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

Now one of my must have beauty products is mascara! I even have a post all about my Top 10 Mascaras that you should take a read! I was SUPER excited that there was mascara in the box. It is Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara. Now I just love everything about this! I have also learned that if a makeup product has the word lacquer in it then it is a good one!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

Lastly was D.L & CO Candle in Blackberry Nectar. First the candle holder is absolutely beautiful and I can promise you I will be putting a plant into it once the candle is all burned! Now the scent is just AMAZING! I could smell it all day! It is a very sweet smell and fruity but also a warm and clean scent if any of that makes sense!

Winter FabFitFun 2016 #fabfitfun #subscriptionsbox #beauty #makeup #candle #necklace #notes #winter #2016

Each season box I have just been in love with! Honestly it is worth the price! If you are interested in signing up for it yourself then click here.  I hope you all have a safe New Years Eve.

If you are new here I post every Monday and Thursday at 11am EST. So make sure to come back and follow this blog down below! If there is anything you want me to write about or want to hear my option on then be sure to either leave a comment down below or tweet me @olesyamarie

Talk to you in the new year! Cheers!!!!


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