Childhood Christmas

Its day 12 of 12 days of Christmas! I can’t believe its done! I also can’t believe I was able to do this! Not going to lie there were a few times when I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it all done but I did! Thank you to everyone who came back to read each new post! Now for anyone new here I do post every Monday and Thursday but I will be taking tomorrow off seeing how I just did 12 in a row!

I do hope all y’all are enjoying Christmas! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then whatever it is you celebrate I hope it was/is a good one for you and your family! This is my 2nd favourite holiday and always has been! Thanksgiving is my favourite just because there are no gifts involved and that stress is taken off of everyone’s shoulder. Although I really really really love Christmas!

I remember my first Christmas very well! I know you are thinking how is that possible well the answer is because my first Christmas was when I was 4. I was and still am in love with Beauty & The Beast. I used to pretend I was Bell all the time. I love this movie now just as much as I did at 4! For my first Christmas Santa brought me a rocking horse that when ridding it it made noise. Now of course the picture was taken when I was still half asleep! So I look like I am drunk but I promise I am not!


It seemed like a tradition to take my picture in front of the tree every year growing up!

12924501_10156840578940245_972915975011863428_nChildhood Christmas

My second Christmas was really a good one too as you can see. Did anyone else have the McDonalds food set where you could make burgers, fries, and shakes?

Childhood Christmas

Now sadly I can’t find anymore pictures from Christmas Day right now, I am still trying to organize everything in the new house. I did however find some other pictures from winter. My first dog that we had was a beauty. The two of us were the best of friends! I loved him so much and it was so hard on me when he passed away!

12932560_10156840576950245_785895590848115249_nChildhood Christmas

Aside from my dog being my best friend so was my dad! We would always make a snowman in the winter or play in the snow, he will say that I helped keep him young at heart!

10659074_10155318912480245_3207061254848671625_oChildhood Christmas

Thank you all for spending a small part of your Christmas Day with me! Now go spend your time with your family, friends or pets! I am spending my day with family! I have spent my morning with my parents opening gifts and this afternoon and evening I am going to be with the rest of my family for dinner and drinks! Let me know how you are spending your Christmas! Be safe today and I do wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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