Winter Lookbook

Merry Christmas Eve! It is day 11 of 12 days of Christmas. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Christmas! I am so excited to see my parents open all the gifts I have bought them!

First off I just want to say a few things one I was the one who took all of these photos! Also remember that all body types are beautiful so please be respectful! If you struggle with your body for any reason then you know the last thing you want is someone to point it out or make fun of you for it. Due to having body issues this wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do! I have really had to come out of my comfort zone not only to take the pictures but to post these! So please be respectful! Also I actually really love a lot of the pictures!

I feel like everyone man, women or any other gender you fall under needs an article of clothing that makes you feel just AMAZING! We all need that item that gives us that boost and makes us feel like we can take on the world and do anything and everything! For me it is my red jacket! There is something about it that just makes me feel like I have my life together and that I am a strong and powerful women!

Winter LookbookWinter LookbookWinter Lookbook

I grew up in the country and sadly when I moved over a year ago I had to leave A LOT of amazing people and one of the hardest was my neighbour! She is the type of person everyone needs and wants as a friend and I am very lucky that she is one of mine! Plus anytime I talk about her to my friends I always say how when I am older I want to be her. Now like myself she is an animal lover and she has 2 mini horses and I knew I wanted to have her horses with this outfit for many reasons! One this is how I tend to dress all the time I can’t help but love wearing jeans, my boots, a vest and my plaid that is also flannel! This is not an outfit I wore to “look country” this is 100% and outfit I wear A LOT, but who cares about the outfit just look at how beautiful theses horses are!

dsc_4620editWinter LookbookWinter Lookbook

Okay now I do like to dress up but not all the time! I am really not one to like dresses or skirts but when I found this skit I fell in love plus it was on sale and there was only the one that just happened to be my size! There was no way I was about to leave the store without it! I love love love wearing lace! It also helps that it’s one of my nicknames. And yes I was frozen for these pictures!

Winter Lookbookdsc_4837editWinter Lookbook

Now for the days when we are just having a lazy day inside you need something cozy! For me it is leggings, a cozy sweater and a cup of tea! On these days I also like to just cuddle with my cats! I wrote a post about this you should check out to read how I spend my Cold Weather Lazy Day. This is my all time favourite Christmas sweater that I own and anytime I wear it out I always get compliments.

Winter Lookbookdsc_4898editWinter Lookbook

Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for my last posts of 12 days of Christmas! Also why not follow my blog its free! Just scroll to the end of the page and you can hit the follow button or follow via email! If you have anything you want to say even if it is just hi comment below! You can also leave any suggestions that you would like to see in the future or even just tell me how you are going to spend Christmas! I am always up for a chat!



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