DIY Christmas Ornaments

Its day 10 of 12 days of Christmas! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve Day! I also can’t believe that I have almost finished with 12 days of Christmas! A few days ago I posted Christmas Tree Ornaments where I talked a bit about my favourite ornaments and some of their memories. I know a lot of people who want to have that memory but can’t always with something store bought and that is 100% good! You shouldn’t need to spend money on something for a memory unless it is a concert!

Now I also posted a few days ago Gift Wrapping where I made my own gift tags that can also be ornaments and so far the few I have given out have been a hit so I thought why not show you some other ideas you can do. Now these are SUPER simple and easy you can make A LOT in only a few hours plus its a great gift that doesn’t break your wallet yet is very touching and personal to anyone!


To make these all you need is 3 simple things that I bet you already have! You will need 1 cup water, 1 cup salt and 2 cups flour. This is really easy all you do is dissolve the salt into the water. Just a tip use warm water! After you add in the flour and mix until it forms into a dough. Just add flour onto your cutting board or whatever you are using as the surface and also add flour to the rolling pin. I would suggest rolling the dough out to about 1/4 inch this way it is good to handle its journey. Use cookie cutters and place into the oven on a cookies sheet lined with parchment paper at 250 degrees F for an hour and a half.

Christmas Wrapping

Once cool its time to add your own style. Now I personally loved painting them white but making sure they were still messy looking. I then just did all sorts of things to each one. I had small letter stamps that I picked up at the dollar store and just used an ink pad. I found by using a rubber band to keep the letters together helped making sure everything was in line!

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

For the gold dots all I did was use the end of a pencil and dipped it in gold ink pad.


If you have a pet you can always put their name on one! This one is actually for my friends dog seeing how this is his first Christmas.


Adding just string to a tree just makes me feel like its like a sting of lights.


Now this is my funny one! I just love it and it really does make me laugh!

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you make any of your own don’t forget to post the picture and tag me in it or use the hashtag #olesyamarie so I can see how you ended up making yours! Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for another Christmas post!



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