Christmas Baking

It’s day 9 of 12 days of Christmas! Only a few more posts left, it makes me sad. Now with Christmas one of the best things that A LOT of people like is all the food! If you’re on a diet well you may not want to read this post seeing how it is all about baked goods!

A week ago I posted Gingerbread Cookies and Gingerbread Cake so make sure you head on over to read them!

Gingerbread CakeGingerbread Cookies

I made 3 different types of desserts for today’s post. 2 out of 3 are super easy.

Now you have seen this melted snowman around I am sure of it! I wanted to give it a try. Honestly this was VERY easy to do! All you need are some kind of cookies, marshmallows, gel food colouring  and frosting that you can either buy or make yourself.

Christmas Baking

If you are going to make your own frosting just mix powder sugar and a very small amount of milk together until smooth. Remember you don’t want it to be thick but you also don’t want it to be runny!


Using a spoon place the icing onto the cookie and then add your marshmallows wherever you want it to be placed.


Now just a tip I found it A LOT easier to decorate the marshmallow before adding it to the cookie. I just found it so much harder to do the eyes, nose and mouth once it was upright. I then just added the arms.

dsc_4286Christmas Baking

Another one you probably have seen around is the Santa hat cupcakes. Now I am going to be honest I just used box cake mix because one I was tired and B I didn’t have a lot of time to make something from scratch.


I again made my own icing. All I did was mix together 1 cup soft butter, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tbsp milk, and 4 cups of powder sugar. Mix it all together until smooth. I then added some of the frosting into another bowl and added red gel food colouring.

This is something quick and easy to make if you are in a rush to make something. Just remember to let the cupcakes 100% cool down before adding the frosting!


Lastly is one that is harder to do and takes some time peppermint meringue cookies.


For this all you need are 2 egg whites, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp cream of tartar,  peppermint candy canes and 1/2 cup sugar.


Whisk the egg whites until there is some foam, then add in the salt and cream of tartar and whisk until small peaks can form, then slowly add in the sugar until you have stiff peaks. Crush the candy canes to sprinkle on top.


I then placed it into a piping bag and placed onto a cookie sheet that is lined with parchment paper.


Place them into the oven at 225 degrees F for an hour and a half. Let them cool completely before eating or moving them. This doesn’t take all that long so don’t worry!


Those weren’t that hard right? If you bake any of these then be sure to tag me or use the hashtag #bakingwitholesya so I can see all of your baked goods! Also don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for another Christmas post!


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