Christmas Tree Ornaments

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how much I really love thee! Hello and welcome to day 8 of 12 days of Christmas! Not going to lie I’m getting sad that this is coming to an end! Yet I am also very excited for Christmas Day! If you haven’t been keeping up there are 7 other posts here all to do with Christmas! Go take a read or don’t it’s up to you! 

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love love love Christmas tree shopping! I even wrote a post Christmas Tree Farm go and take a read again if you want to! I NEVER want you to feel like you have to do something you don’t want to! On top of having fun getting the tree I also love decorating. I am the type of person that has no issues with the lights, it doesn’t stress me out or make me frustrated. I have even gone to friends houses to untangle theirs.


With all the trees I have seen in my life I notice that everyone does something different. Some just buy beautiful ornaments, some just use the balls, and some use tinsel! I love hearing why someone bought the ornament they did, especially if it has a memory to it.

Now this year I have 3 big tress and a few mini ones. Each tree has a theme. Now I am only going to be talking about my main tree, it is always a real one! Every ornament on it has a story. Sadly I can’t fit all of the ornaments onto the tree if I could I would need a 12 foot tree!


One of my traditions is that the first ornament is this heart that is VERY special to my family. It was the first ornament that was a family one. It represents my parents and I perfect. It was always my mom and I decorating the tree. Also the year on it 1992 that was the year I was adopted so as you can tell it means a lot to us.


One of my all time favourite ones is a moving one. One of my grandmas gave it to me my first Christmas. Every year when I put it on the tree I always remember her. The baby angles just makes me think about how she is an angle and watches over the family.

Christmas Tree OrnamentsChristmas Tree Ornaments

I got this one back when I was 5 and I even gave the same one to my teacher at the time.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

A few years ago as a gift to my parents I bought a tree in the family name and this was what I recieved as a thank you for planting a tree.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Just some random ornaments that I love.





Every tree should have Santa.


Christmas Tree Ornaments

Let me know in the comments how you decorate your tree. Do you just have ornaments you like, do they have a story behind them? Or do you have a theme? I would love to know!




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