Christmas Music

Welcome to day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas! I can’t believe we are almost done and that Christmas is just under a week away! I hope you have been enjoying all the posts so far, if you haven’t make sure you check them all out!

Now you can’t have Christmas time without some music! Like most people I listen to Christmas music all December well actually I listen to it all year long but mostly once it is October/November. 

Here are some of my favourite Christmas Albums and my favourite song from each album! Also there is no order to these.

If you have heard of the country band Sugarland then you should know who Jennifer Nettles is, she is the lead singer of the group. I just love her voice and her spunk! On this album my favourite song is Celebrate Me Home.


Oh Pentatonix I can’t have this post and not have their new album here! I have loved this group for many years now! I have even gotten others to love them! My favourite song from this album is Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.


I have been listening to Jewel since what feels like forever! This was one of my first Christmas albums my parents ever bought me and I just love it but from this album my favourite song is Hark The Herald Angles Sing.


Okay remember at the beginning I mentioned Sugarland? Well yes they too have a Christmas album! I just love Gold and Green, this song is just beautiful.


Okay Celine Dion is just a classic! I have been listening to her since I was a child and I have always loved her but my favourite song here is Feliz Navidad.


Johnny Reid is one of the sexiest singers I have ever come across not only is he an amazing singer but he is also Canadian! Plus when he speaks his Scottish accent is so thick I sometimes have problems understanding him! Trust me I saw him in concert back in March and it was the best one I have been to but even my dad had issues understanding him! His song Winter Star is just a beautiful song and when it first came out it was the song for the Tim Hortons winter commercial FYI if you don’t live in Canada Tim Hortons is a coffee shop.


Oh Michael you can’t have Christmas without this sexy man! The thing is picking my favourite song from this album wasn’t easy but it would have to be Jingle Bells. I just love this whole album tho!


I loved Jann Arden and she was even my first concert and I have been wanting to go see her again, I just love her music and the fact she is one hell of a women! I was very excited when she released this album and even tho I do love this album my favourite song would have to be her Christmas Medley, it has a lot of songs in there!


I have grown up listing to Andrea Bocelli thanks to my parents and I am so happy for this too! I love his voice its like a knife cutting through soft butter if that makes any sense. This album is so much fun to listen to and there is even a song for the whole family but hands down the best one is What Child Is This.


I feel like Twilight made Christina Perri famous maybe I am wrong but I actually heard about her before that! This is a short album but she sure delivers! I just love listing to her sing Ave Maria.


Now all my life I have been listening to Emmylou Harris, I have so many of her records too and not just from my parents. Every family has traditions when it comes to Christmas and one of my family’s is that when decorating the house and the tree we would put this on the record player and decorate away and when I say we I mean my mom and I except for the last few years its just me but I still play this record! If I had only one song to sum up my Childhood Christmas it would be Christmas Times A Coming.


Fun fact for y’all but Neil Diamond is Jewish. He is just proving that you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy the music! I just love hearing him sing Little Drummer Boy. That song is one of my all time Christmas favourite songs!


There are so many more Christmas songs and albums that I love and listen to but I just wanted to give my top favourites.

Be sure to let me know below your favourite Christmas album or song! Don’t forget to follow via email (below) and make sure to come back again tomorrow!

*all images found on google*



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