DIY Christmas Sweater

It’s day 5 of 12 days of Christmas! I do hope you have been enjoying yourself over here on my little spot of the internet! Don’t forget to keep coming back each day to see the new Christmas post! You can also follow this blog just scroll down to the bottom of the page and there will be a follow button and a place to enter your email address if you want to follow via email! 

Growing up in the 90’s it was like Christmas sweaters were such a hit and honestly I knew SO many people who would wear them! I was SO happy when they came back in style a few years ago! I own quite a few but I thought instead of buying one this year why not make one or two!

The best part of this is you can do what you want the freedom is all there! I ended up going to Wal-Mart to buy my sweaters and also bought my felt there. I also headed to the dollar store to pick up some of the other crafty things I thought I would need.

DIY Christmas Sweater

Now the hardest part for me was to choose only 2 things to do! I had so many ideas! This is a great craft to do with kids! Just let them go to town and watch what their little minds come up with!

For the glue you can use typical white glue, fabric glue or if you’re like me a glue gun. Before you start gluing everything to the sweater I would suggest that you first place everything on the sweater just to make sure it is how you want it!

For the pompom one it is just so simple and easy to do! I have seen ones in stores that are similar and I can’t get over the price for them! I spent $8 to make this! I ended up adding gold elastic ribbon to the neck line just because it needed something there.

DIY Christmas Sweater

Now this was supposed to be a cat but it looks like a mouse and that is fine with me! Yes I know it looks weird with the random black patch on the bottom! For the lights I used LED’s and just cut small holes in the sweater and have them poking through from the inside. Just a tip put the sweater on before doing the cutting if you want to add lights. I also cut into the bottom of the sweater to keep the battery pack that way it’s not just hanging.

DIY Christmas Sweater

I had so much fun with this and yes I have worn them out! If you make a Christmas sweater make sure to post a photo or video and make sure to tag me or use the hashtag #olesyamarie so I can see what all y’all creative minds have come up with!


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