DIY Christmas Wreaths

Its day 2 of 12 days of Christmas! I am so excited that you are finally getting to read these post seeing how I have been working on them for a while now. Remember to come back everyday to have more Christmas in your life! If you make one of these or all of them be sure to post a photo and tag me or use the hashtag #olesyamarie

These are great house warming gifts for all the Christmas dinners you go to, well I at least have a lot of Christmas dinners!

Garland Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

The good thing about this one is that you can choose the type of garland you wish seeing how they now come in all sorts of colours and size. I have seen garland sold at the dollar store but if you can’t find it there just head to a craft store like Michael’s.

You Will Need

                                                 garland                                               pinecones (optional)

                                                 lights                                                   wreath circle or cardboard

                                                 glue gun                                              bows

DIY Christmas Wreath

If you are going to use cardboard you will need to first choose the size you want the wreath to be and then using a compass tool or something that is a circle trace it out and cut it out just remember to cut the inner circle too!

Next you will need to glue the garland around either the cardboard or your wreath circle. If you were able to get garland with a wire in the middle then you don’t have to glue it unless you want to. I started with gluing the garland on the outside then the inside and then filled it all in. I glued the garland every few inches.

DIY Christmas Wreath

Add the lights if you want to! Just remember to make sure they are LED, you don’t need anything to heat up! You can stop here and have it finished or if you want to add a bow to it then you need to choose if you want to make one from ribbon or just buy one pre made!

DIY Christmas Wreath

Ball Wreath


I know you have most likely seen this one all over the internet but why not see another one. I made this type last year and since then I have learned a few things mainly be careful with the glue gun! Okay this is really a very easy project. Just make sure the Christmas balls you use are NOT glass! I went to Walmart to get most of my supplies the rest I picked up from the dollar store. Remember you want this to be cost efficient!

You Will Need

                                          Christmas balls                                        mini Christmas balls

                                          glue gun (extra glue sticks)                    wreath circle

DIY Christmas Wreaths

This is one of the easiest ones to make but also one that takes a long time seeing how you need to let the glue dry! There are so many ways to do this one but really it depends on how you want it to look, the size of the wreath ring and how many balls you have.

Just a tip make sure you take off the metal top parts! I ended up gluing 2 of them to the back so I could put string through them so I could hang it up. Just an extra tip!

DIY Christmas Wreaths

I started with one in the centre on the ring and then went from there… It wasn’t until I was almost half way through until I realized I had a system going. Once I was done going all the way around I went in with the mini Christmas balls to just cover up some of the gaps that I had. If you want you can always add lights to it but I liked it just the way it was.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

I just love how much you can customize this kind to your style plus how you decorate.

Cedar Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

This is my all time favourite kind! I always see these for sale at tree farms and garden centres but I know I can make one for a fraction of the cost! This is also the kind I love on the front door!

You Will Need

                                                       cedar                                            pinecones

                                                       wire wreath                                wire

                                                       lights(optional)                          wire cutter

DIY Christmas Wreath

For the cedar you will either need to buy it from the garden centre or tree farm.

Now this is very easy but it is going to take some time. All you need to do is gather a couple of the trimmings and use the wire to wrap around the trimmings and attach to the wire wreath. Make sure you keep this all in the same direction!

DIY Christmas Wreath

Now with the wire wrapped around the bottom of the pinecones and then to the wire wreath. Add as many or as little as you wish. If you choose to get your pinecones from outside just make sure they are bug free!

DIY Christmas Wreath

All that is left to do is add the LED lights! You don’t have to do this part if you don’t want but it just adds that little extra touch. I originally put lights on but removed them very fast, I just didn’t like the look. I have also made a few of these as gifts and everyone loves them!

Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for another Christmas post! It is going to be a yummy one!







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