Christmas Movies

Welcome to day 1 of 12 days of Christmas! Make sure to come back everyday to read the newest Christmas post and let me just say they are all good ones that I have been spending a lot of time working on.

What is Christmas without watching Christmas movies? I just love Christmas movies and will watch them all throughout the year! Back in November I made a posted call 5 DIY Advent Calendars where one of the advent calendars I made was about Christmas movies so make sure to check that out!

Christmas Movies

I personally love love love watching the Hallmark Channel for Christmas movies actually they are great for any movies but there are always a lot for Christmas! There are so many more Christmas movies that I wanted to include but I either don’t own them or couldn’t find them!

Christmas Movies

Now when it comes to Christmas there are MUST WATCH movies that if you don’t then are you really celebrating Christmas? Kidding don’t worry! I absolutely love love love Miracle On 34th Street but only the original! I can’t stand the remakes not that they aren’t good or anything I just prefer the original!

Christmas Movies

Now all my 90’s friends will agree with me here hey even the kids from the 80’s will but you must watch Home Alone. End of story!

Christmas Movies

Now for all my Halloween lovers out there The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great movie to watch both then and now!

Christmas Movies

Okay anyone older then I don’t know 18 I guess would maybe like Badder Santa, this is one of those movies that you either love or hate there is no in between!

Christmas Movies

Now one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES at Christmas is The Santa Clause movies! I can’t help but love these movies. Out of the 3 my favourite is the 2nd one because well there is a love story!

Christmas Movies

Last is a great movie for the younger kids but any age can watch it!

Christmas Movies

Like I said there are so many more movies that I would of loved to include but then this post would take hours to read! I do just want to add that The Polar Express is another AMAZING movie!

Let me know down below your favourite Christmas movie! Also don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for day 2 of 12 days of Christmas!





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