Christmas Tree Farm

Well it is December and you know what that means yes it means SANTA! I just love this time of the year! I love Christmas and giving gifts, getting together with friends and family and cutting down a tree! Oh and of course all the music and movies!

Now seeing how I am in another new place this Christmas I wanted to find a tree farm that would have some fun activities for everyone and let me just say I sure found a good one! I did have to drive 45 minutes to get to this farm but I just loved it and want to go back next year!

Christmas Tree Farm


Drysdale’s Tree Farm is such a great place to bring the family! There is so much to do here I myself didn’t even get a chance to do everything and I was there for a good 3 hours! Not only do you get to cut down your own tree but there is face painting for kids or the kid in you and you can bring your dog but he/she must be on a leash at all times!



Now if you don’t want to cut down your own tree there are pre cut ones to choose from and if you forget your saw or don’t have one well don’t worry because Drysdale has you covered!

dsc_4083Christmas Tree Farm

What I really love about this place besides everything is that you get to go on a tractor ride to get out to the field of trees and let me just say it was a good 5 minute ride! This was the point of the day when I wished I wore more layers!

Christmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm #drysdaletreefarm #treefarm #christmas #tree #feilds #simcoecounty #christmas #december

There are so many different styles of trees so I can promise you will find your perfect one! Some are VERY tall and well others are super short and just adorable.

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm

Now cutting down a Christmas tree is something my dad and I have done since I was a kid and we still do it together just now I get to be the one that uses the saw… We also tend to bicker a lot over the trees. It’s not Christmas unless there is some kind of family bickering.

Christmas Tree Farm dsc_4112

After getting back to the main area of the farm you get into different lines depending on how you pay because not only do they accept cash but debit and credit!

Christmas Tree Farm

We ended up getting the tree in a bag for some reason my dad wanted to. The funny thing is that when I started to carry the tree I ended up just putting it onto my shoulder and started walking to the car! This is why I don’t need a man actually that isn’t true but it just proves that Russian women are strong!

Christmas Tree Farm

Now because it is a good 45 minute drive I have to make sure the tree was really tied down to my car because sadly I don’t have a truck like I want!


Besides getting yourself a tree there are also snack stands around plus there was live singing! This farm is filled with Christmas! There was even a man carving wood with a chainsaw!

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm

Now I have saved the best for last well at least for me it’s the best thing! HORSES!!!!!!

Christmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm

Oh yea I forgot the little surprise that I found!

Christmas Tree FarmChristmas Tree Farm

If you want to see videos of my time at Drysdale well you’re in luck! I am doing Vlogmas and you can for sure watch the videos I have taken by clicking here.

Now here are just some random pictures I took while there. Be sure to sick around to see my tree all decorated and don’t forget next week starting on the 14th is the first day of my 12 days of Christmas where I will be posting everyday until Christmas Day of all things Christmas so you don’t want to miss the posts!

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm

dsc_4133 Christmas Tree Farmdsc_4116

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm




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