Warm Green Salad

I hope that the title doesn’t throw you off! I know a lot of people who hate eating healthy and hate greens! Okay now that we are past that lets just jump into todays post.

So like many people I just love Pinterest! I am not kidding I flipping love it! I ended up finding this recipe over on Sarah Glover‘s blog. Now mine is a bit different than her style but only due to forgetfulness. 

This salad is so amazing but this could also be a breakfast meal, actually it is good for any meal and not only does it taste AMAZING but it is very filling!


                                                  Kale                                                  Baby Spinach

                                                  Almonds                                         Egg

                                                  Quinoa                                             Garlic

                                                  Halloumi                                         Lemon

Warm Salad Bowl

Okay now this does take some time to make. First you need to make your quinoa just follow the direction on the package it will tell you. You also need to bowl an egg to your desire. Just a tip if you put your egg in the pot of water while the water comes to a bowl you won’t end up with a cracked egg.

Okay so now that your egg and quinoa is all ready to go lets jump into this dish!

In a frying pan or a wok add in your diced garlic and chopped almost. You want to almonds to get nice a toasted.

Warm Salad Bowl

Next you will want to add in your quinoa, baby spinach and kale just for a few minutes. You want the spinach and kale to be nice a vibrant green!

Warm Salad Bowl

Once this is all ready just add to a plate or bowl. Either using a new frying pan or using the same one add your halloumi (this is a cheese) and your egg if you want. You want your halloumi to be a golden brown. If you have never worked with these cheese before don’t worry it will not lose its shape like other types of cheese!

Warm Salad Bowl

Once golden brown just add to your plate and add some lemon juice on top and enjoy!

Warm Salad Bowl

If you make this make sure to let me know what you think! I just love this dish, there are so many flavours!



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