Adult Pancakes

Oh pancakes how much I love them. There are sooo many ways to make them it’s crazy. Personally I would only make them plane or add blueberries to them. I have never ever liked them with chocolate chips but I sure know a lot of people who do.

Now the only reason why I am calling these adult pancakes is because I feel like they just look more fancy and adult in a way. Plus I don’t know many kids that would eat pancakes unless they have chocolate chips in them. 

Adult Pancakes

Now you can make your own pancakes if you want but I find making Jamie Oliver’s American Pancakes are the best for this. I love everything Jamie Oliver makes plus he isn’t bad on the eyes and his accent is just the cherry on top.

To make the pancakes you will need

Adult Pancakes




3 eggs                           1 cup flour

140 ml milk                1 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt





First what you need to do is in one bowl add the salt and 3 egg whites only! You will need to whisk these until stiff peeks are formed. If you read my Angle Food Cupcakes you will know how I feel about having to whisk egg whites!

In another bowl add egg yolks, flour, milk and baking powder and mix together. Make sure it is all nice and smooth. Just a note this will feel and look odd don’t worry its supposed to be thick!

Adult Pancakes

Fold in your egg whites into the rest of the ingredients, at this point the batter will look and feel like it should.

Adult Pancakes

With your non-stick frying pan on low to medium heat add in your batter and cook away. If you have a true non-stick frying pan you will not need to add in any oil or butter! Cook on each side until golden brown.

Time to dress up your pancakes! Now you can use whatever you want for this but for the way I made mine I first added some greek yogurt, then sliced strawberries, honey and another pancake and did that until I reached the top. For the top I added more yogurt and then just added blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.  I then drizzled honey all over and powdered sugar just for that extra touch.

Adult Pancakes

Honestly these taste AMAZING! The honey makes them sweet and with the fruit it also adds in sweetness plus helps with the fact that you’re eating pancakes! Now all you have to do is grab yourself a cup or coffee or tea and sit down and enjoy!

Adult Pancakes

If you make these be sure to tag me or use the hashtag #olesyamarie so I can see all of your lovely pancakes! ENJOY!






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