5 DIY Advent Calendars

With December only a week away that means many things like advent calendars! I used to buy them growing up but I have never liked that there was only chocolate, now you can buy beauty ones, pet ones, even Lego kinds. I am all for advent calendars but I wanted to share the one I do every year that I have made myself and you can too. I have also made 4 others that are super easy that you can make for your boyfriend, wife, kids, pets or even yourself! If you make any of these don’t forget to tag me or use the hashtag #olesyamarie

Movie Calendar


This is the kind I have had for now 3 years. There are always SO many movies to see and sometimes I can’t make up my mind or I will forget one. This is super easy to make!

You Will Need

                                                  wood                                                  mini envelopes

                                                 clothes pegs                                        washie tape

                                                 stamps                                                  card stock or gift tags

                                                 nails or wood glue                             glue gun

DIY Advent Calendar

The great thing about this is you can pick almost everything up at the dollar store. I did have to go to my local Michele’s to pick up the mini envelopes. I also went to my local hardware store to buy the wood.

Cut your wood so you are left with strips of 36″, 22″, 20″, 18″, 15″ and 12″. You can choose to either glue the wood together or nail them. Just make sure to give them a run over with sandpaper to smooth out the edges. You will also want to add a picture hangar on the back. Or you can make a base if you don’t want to hang it on the wall.

DIY Advent Calendar

If you wish to leave your clothes pegs as they are then skip this step if not you can either paint them, draw on them or the easiest use washie tape. You can just use a glue gun to add the clothes pegs to the wood.

With a stamp or pen put numbers on each envelope. You can even add some string or confetti.

On the card stock or gift tags write out a Christmas or winter theme movies until you have 24. If you are making this for yourself you can always close your eyes when you mix up the movie titles to add into the envelopes.

DIY Advent Calendar

I would suggest putting this near your tv but you do as you wish.


Pet Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

I don’t know about you but I love to spoil my cats with treats and toys! Yes I even buy them gifts for Christmas and their birthdays. The thing is I know that not one toy will make it to Christmas! My one cat is known to hide toys and they also end up under one of the couches in the house.

You Will Need

                                                  string                                  mini stockings or bags

                                                  confetti                              toys and treats

DIY Advent Calendar

Okay this is really easy! I bought my mini bags from Michael’s and just added the confetti onto them with my glue gun.

DIY Advent Calendar

Add in one or two or however many toys or treats you want per day. I did 2-3 each day because I have 3 cats.


Next I found a spot to hand up the string. Just a note make sure to put this up high enough so your pet can not reach it. For me that was hard seeing how one of my cats can jump 5 feet in the air very easy!

Tea Calendar

I absolutely love tea not even kidding! I drink about 3-5 cups a day! I also love that there are so many festive teas out there and I want to try them all!

DIY Advent Calendar

You Will Need

                                                  string                                                  craft paper

                                                  magnets                                             cedar trimmings


DIY Advent Calendar

All you need to do is first wrap up a tea bag in craft paper or if you rather you can put them into envelopes. I also wrote what kind of tea it was on the inside.

DIY Advent Calendar

I put mine on my fridge just because I don’t have any other free space in the kitchen for this. Just make sure you have strong magnets. I found this makes my fridge look just a little extra festive!

DIY Advent Calendar

Candy Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

Okay you can’t have an advent calendar without some kind of candy! This one I ended up making for my parents and let me just say I know they are excited for it!

You Will Need

                                                  toilet rolls                                        craft paper

                                                  clear tape                                         tissue paper

                                                  card stock                                        candy

DIY Advent Calendar

First you just want to make sure all of the toilet paper is off on the roll or you can always use paper towel roll and just cut it to size. Trace around the roll onto craft paper. Make sure to add room for it to attach onto the sides. Cut them out and using either a pen, stamp or stickers add the numbers onto each cut out circle of craft paper.

DIY Advent Calendar

You may want to make small cuts all around the craft paper circles to make it go around the roll better. Attach to the rolls using clear tape.

Using the clear tape attach the rolls to each other in the back and in between. Just make sure all the number are in order unless you rather it be all mixed up.

You are almost done! You will now want to just add treats into the rolls via the back. I used leftover Halloween candy and also bought some. I then added the card stock onto the back and glued it down and on the sides with my glue gun. I then just added some more to form the roof and an extra toilet paper roll for a chimney with tissue paper inside to look like smoke.

DIY Advent Calendar

Candle Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

This one is honestly the easiest to make! Plus if you like candles that is just a bonus!

You Will Need

candle                                                  tissue paper

hair dryer                                            wax paper

DIY Advent Calendar

Cut the tissue paper to the size of the candle. It doesn’t need to fit all the way around just the height. On the tissue paper with a marker write 1-24 vertically.

Place the tissue paper onto the candle and make sure it is where you want it to be. Place a piece of wax paper that is bigger then the tissue paper over the tissue paper and with a hair dryer blow over where the tissue paper is until the tissue paper is invisable. The wax from the wax paper will transfer onto the tissue paper.

DIY Advent Calendar

Now all you need to do is light is and let it burn a bit each day!

If you want to see what movie I watch each day or what tea I drink or even what my cats get then be sure to follow me on snapchat @olesyad to see each day!

Now I have a very exciting announcement. Not kidding I am very excited because starting December 14th I will be having 12 days of Christmas! What that means is for 12 days the 12th being Christmas Day I will be having a new post every single day all to do with Christmas! I have been working on this for a while now and I am just so excited to finally share it with you well kinda you still have to wait a few weeks before you get to see the posts but just a little sneak peek…. there will be baking, DIY’s, lookbook and even a Christmas tour! Honestly you will want to come back if you love Christmas and even if you don’t still come back because it is going to be a fun 12 days!





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