Angle Food Cupcakes

Oh baking how much I love the look of the finished food and the idea, I always tell people I can’t bake and that statement is true most of the time. I have been known to burn just about everything or somehow screw it all up. I really rather just cook but for some reason I always try to bake and I think I am finally getting batter at it! I can’t help myself I love puns.

One day while on Pinterest I was looking for some baking ideas for a future post and came across Angle Food Cupcakes from Cooking Classy. Without reading what was involved I knew I wanted to make these! Note to self read everything first! These are not the type of cupcakes I would bake just because some of the steps are things I am 100% good at messing up! Okay so let’s get to it! 

For the cake part the ingredients you will need are:

3/4 cup + 2 tbsp of castor sugar (very fine)

1/2 cup baking flour

1/4 tsp salt

6 egg whites (room temperature)

2 1/2 tbsp warm water

1/2 tsp coconut extract (you can use vanilla)

3/4 tsp cream of tartar


Preheat your over to 350F I normally don’t do this part until a few minutes before adding the cakes into the oven just because I find things burn faster if I don’t. In a bow sift together cake flour, salt and half of the castor sugar. This right here was my first issue with not reading the steps I don’t have enough patients to sift things.


In a large bowl whisk water, coconut extract, cream of tartar and egg whites. Again I should have read the steps because EVERY TIME I have to whisk egg whites to make the damn mountains I ALWAYS screw it up so I have just avoided making anything that requires this but I was already this far and thankfully I didn’t mess up! High five to me! So as you can tell from what I said and the picture you want to whisk until you can form mountains, more like speed bumps but I am not here to judge. Slowly add the rest of the sugar to the bowl keeping the speed on medium, I did low because well this is where I always mess up.


Guess what time to sift again! Can you tell I wasn’t all that happy with myself for not reading the steps! At this point you need to sift the flour mixture on top of your beautiful speed bump egg mixture. Don’t add a lot just a light layer and gently and carefully fold the flour mixture. Keep doing this until you have used up all of the flour mixture.

This is the time when I preheated my oven.


Finally the hard part is all over! If you’re like me this is when you do your happy dance. At this point just add the cake batter into muffin liners. Place into your oven and bake for 18-20 minutes. I did mine for only 18 but just make sure a toothpick can come out clean from the centre if not well they are not done!


While your cupcakes are in the oven it is time to make the frosting. Or if you’re like me talk on the phone for a while to pass the time because you need to let them cool after they are done before you add the frosting!

For the frosting you will need:

1 1/2 cups of whipping cream

6 oz soft cream cheese (just take it out when you start the cupcakes)

1/2 cup powder sugar

raspberries (or any type of sweet fruit)


Whisk the whipping cream until you can again forum mountains. This took me about 2 minutes on medium speed.


In a different bowl whisk the cream cheese until it is nice and soft and fluffy you know like a cloud above the mountains!


At this point mix together the cream cheese and powder sugar into the whipping cream. Enjoy licking the spoon or the beater when you are done this frosting is so sweet and creamy! Just make sure to unplug the mixer first or don’t you do what you want.

You will want to add the icing into a piping bag. FYI I have only used a pipping bag once before when I made Pupcakes. I found this icing was super easy to work with in the piping bag!


Last step is to add your raspberries or strawberries or whatever you choose. I did want strawberries but for some odd reason my town was out of them! At least that is what someone told me when I was at the store looking for them. This man heard me talking about not being able to find them and he told me this was his 5th store in his search for strawberries.


If you are serving these to family or friends for a dinner party or afternoon tea I would suggest adding extra fruit to the plate just because people are impressed with presentation.


This baking project really was stepping outside of my comfort zone but I will say these taste AMAZING! Plus I love the end results because I think they look good! I am proud of myself for accomplishing such a difficult baking project. I know some of you are thinking this looks easy and simple and maybe for you it is but not for me! I will say that because this was such a success I will be taking on more baking projects that I would normally avoid!


Let me know if you make these and make sure to post pictures! Also if you do make them make sure to tell me what people thought of the outcome!

#cupcakes #food

Bon Appétit


I ended up turning this into a 3 layer cake, if you want to do the same just triple the recipe!






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