October Favourites 2016

Can you believe it’s November! CAN YOU? Sorry my excitement came out there. I have always said that winter is my favourite season and Christmas is one of my favourite holidays so it’s no surprise that I am getting super excited plus we had snow a few weeks ago! I have many things that I have loved last month and I know you want to know because well you have decided to read this post that clearly says what it is about!


Now that I have been wearing my hair down A LOT because it is growing I have been needing new products to use. If you don’t know and I am assuming most of you don’t know but I have curly hair and I mean it is CURLY! I have always been told that everyone wants my hair. The last time I was at my hairdresser I was talking about needing some new shampoo and conditioner geared towards curly hair. I ended up buying not only the Redken Curvaceous shampoo, conditioner but also the leave in conditioner. I must say that this stuff is AMAZING! If you have curly hair GO BUY SOME! I love it so much! I don’t use it all the time just because I never do with any shampoo I use, I have so many that I use, no lie I have about 5 or 6 different kinds in my shower not to mention the other 10 in my closet. The smell is just fresh and clean and it makes my hair feel so soft! I also find that my curls are very bouncy and smooth. Honestly I will keep buying this and there are even different formulas to buy from the line that I want to try. JUST GO BUY IT!


I have talked about how much I love Olay! I always use their line and always will I honestly just love this line! I came across Olay Regenerist Luminous facial oil and I just love this stuff but then again I love all of the Olay line! I add this onto my face every morning and night after I add moisturizer. My skin is just loving me right now and I am too! Yes I am still having breakouts here and there but my skin feels so smooth and soft and like a babies butt! I have also found that since using Olay Regenerist Luminous facial oil my blackheads have been disappearing and my spots are never all that bad! This could also be because I am hitting a new stage in aging but maybe not!


A lot of my makeup this past month I have actually written a post about you can check out  Fall Makeup or you can always check out Red Lipstick. Basically everything in my fall makeup post is my favourite!


One product that I have been loving for a the past 2 months now is the Clairns Lip Oil. I just love this. My lips feel SO amazing! I use this all the time but it isn’t actually an oil. There are 3 different kinds. The one shown below is honey, I also own the raspberry and there is also red berry.


I love perfume and I am always looking for a new one. I am absolutely in love with Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It is a floral smell that I never thought I would like but it is also a clean smell and I tend to smell my clothes a lot more when I have it on, plus I get told I smell good! I have a post about it and the others in the line you can read Grace Wardrobe to find out more.



Okay candles I have so many of them and always have them burning! If you didn’t know I do have a post about all of my fall ones that you can check out and read Fall Candles. Out of them all tho I have been burning Pumpkin by Harvest Luxe. I find the smell is amazing! It also doesn’t take long before my office smells SO yummy! I also really like that this is a soy candle! The other part I really like is that for a 3 wick candle it only cost me $10! Talk about a good deal!


FAIRY LIGHTS! That is all!


We all know about monthly subscription boxes you can get in the mail well I order the FabFitFun one and I do love it but in the fall box one of my all time favourite things was a to go coffee cup. I love it because it is just so simple and also the saying! Makes me feel good!



I love rings! I have 3 that I never take off mainly because I can’t! If I could I would wear rings on every ringer well I do thanks to these super cute knuckle rings.


All in all October was a busy month for me as I have started to post on here more than before. I was only posing on Thursday’s but now I will also be posting on Mondays. So get yourself some tea and come on back every Monday and Thursday or you can also subscribe to my blog via email, there is a place at the very bottom of the page to enter your email.Trust me you will want to come back because things are about to get crazy busy here and later on in the month I will be announcing something so you want to make sure to come back to find out it will be!


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